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Person Of Interest Season 2 Returns To Australia

Will The Machine Save Finch?

In the Season Finale of Person of Interest; Reese must protect a psychologist who has a price on her head. Reese and Finch are completely unaware that this seemingly, helpless damsel in distress is actually their enemy. In Root Cause; Episode 13. Finch accidentally stumbles across a master computer hacker who calls herself Root. Root was plotting a murder to protect an associate's dirty secrets from coming to light. Finch is tracking the source of the accused's emails' and realises his POI has been hacked and set up. Reese, Finch and Zoe (a previous POI) manage to foil Root's plans and stop the crime that's about to happen. However the big twist is when Finch learns at the close of the episode that Root knows his name. 

This is the big question in tonight's episode

In the finale it would seem that Root is an innocent therapist whose life is in danger because she knows to much about her client's secrets. Reese rescues her from an altercation in the street where she is almost killed and takes her to a fancy hotel to lay low for the night. However it isn't too long before the killers find them and enlist HR's help and the FBI are not far behind. While Finch is trying to work every trick up his sleeve to get Reese safely out of the hotel and away from the crooks and the feds; both are unaware that Root is about to take Finch hostage. After what seems an eternity; Reese get's his POI out of the hotel and tells her where she can meet his friend. Finch is in the car arguing with a former colleague of his and Nathan's from the days when they built the machine, Root arrives and kills her. She gets into the car; and introduces herself to Finch. When Reese arrives at the meeting place, Finch and Root are long gone. Zoe, who comes along for the ride again digs up some information on this most recent POI and realises she is not who she claims to be. Zoe calls Reese and gives him the bad news about the not therapist and tells him when the therapist's computer was crashing; the name Root appeared on the screen.

While it is clear that Root is a cold blooded killer, she comes across as misunderstood. And what does she want with Harold Finch? It's clear she knows something about the machine, but what? And how much? I really hope that Reese doesn't kill or capture her too soon as it would be interesting to learn what her motives are and I don't think we have seen all of them yet. One things for sure, the woman set up her own contract killing. If that doesn't tell us that she suspects or knows something solid about the machine, then I don't know what to say. Unless this woman is plain crazy-cakes, which is possible, but doubtful. Who on earth orchestrates their own murder? She must have knowledge of what Finch and Reese do; after all they messed up her plans in episode 13


He's in trouble now

In a New York street Reese stands in front of a camera not knowing whether it is linked to Finch's machine or not and says "He's in trouble now, you have to save him." We hear a phone ring and Reese turns around; it is a pay-phone and he answers it. This is where we leave Season 1. We don't know if Finch is dead or alive; we don't have any idea where he could be and neither does Reese. Suffice to say without spoiling anyone, John Reese makes it his top priority to find Finch.

In Season 2 it looks like we are going to learn a lot more about how the machine works and how it gets the numbers that is gives Finch and Reese each week. We will also get to see some of the protocols Finch put in place to ensure the machine does what it's supposed to do. The first episode titled Contingency makes it clear from the outset that Reese is Finch's contingency. In a previous episode last season I remember Finch telling Reese that he did have a plan in place for what would occur if anything happened to him. Reese figures out he is the contingency quite early in the episode and it becomes clear to viewers after events go back to 2002 that Finch has programmed the machine not to save him; in other words Reese will not be able to rely on the machine to find Finch. Finding Root and discovering who she truly is will be the key. Tonight when Reese realises he is the contingency plan he is not happy and certainly not jazzed about the machine giving him the number of another POI that he needs to rescue. 


Zoe and Detective Carter, John and Harold's Guardian Angels

Are you fascinated by this intriguing series? Season Two of Person of Interest premieres in Australia tonight. Make sure you watch tomorrow night at 9.30pm on the Nine Network. 

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