Thursday, 30 August 2012

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson - Always In Our Hearts

Today Michael Jackson would have celebrated his fifty-fourth birthday had he not passed away so suddenly just over four years ago. 

What a loss his death was; not just to his family and children, but to his fans and the music world. Michael Jackson was one of the most talented musicians this world has ever seen and we will never see anything like him again. He was special and unique, his voice and his dance moves on stage, there was no-one on earth like him. 

Michael has left behind a huge legacy; his music and his three beautiful children who will carry on and do wonderful things in their lives. These children are so much like their father, it is uncanny. You only have to look at their faces to see that their father lives on in them. My heart goes out to them and all Michael's family on this day, as it does everyday I think about the huge loss they must feel. Michael loved his family; especially his children above all else and would have done anything for them. A generous, giving person right up to the very end.

When I get in the car later today to make my road trip to visit my own mother who has passed away, I will be playing his music as load as it will go. I am so grateful for the legacy he has left us; his fans. His music, the many DVD's that I can watch over and over to keep this amazing person alive in my heart.
Note to self; must find Michael Jackson DVDs while searching through boxes this weekend. I remember his birthday, and unfortunately the date of his passing every year, the same way I will never forget the day my mum died or the day John Lennon was shot. As a teenager I had a secret fantasy that one day Michael Jackson and I would get married; (yeah, me and every other female fan).

Yeah I know this seems kind of sappy, and depressing; but I can't help it. I still can't believe he is gone and it is even more tragic that he was only 50 years old, and left behind his children who without a doubt loved their Dad, and grieve his passing every day of their lives. To be totally honest, I am still angered by his death as it should never have happened. Conrad Murray has since been tried and convicted of being complicit in Michael's death and this man had the nerve in February this year to request bail while his appeal was going through. He was sentenced to four years jail for his crime (not unreasonable, perhaps he should have gotten longer), and many fans feel he should shut up and do his time. 

In any case we can't go back; what is done is done and as much as I wish Michael was still alive; he isn't. What we as fans will have is his music, the memories of his performances, his dancing and the man that was Michael Jackson.

Happy Birthday Michael, your fans miss you so much and we hope you are resting in peace.

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