Saturday, 30 June 2012

When People Get Stuck In a Rut Part II

How The Welfare System Can Hold Us Back

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog with the same above title; this is part two

I was minding my own business blogging away into the dead of night trying to earn a living when I heard a rather interesting call on talk-back radio that kind of broke my heart, made me a little mad and extremely sympathetic.

The serious heartache and struggle that is the life of a person surviving on a pension or someone who is relying on an unemployment benefit or is unfit to work really does take a toll on a person's self esteem. No-one can ever measure another's pain, however each person's life is different and their circumstances different again.

This woman who called the broadcaster had been waiting in a tiny house with five kids and her partner for a government house for over eight years. She was literally at the end of her rope. She had two grown boys who were not working, had no money and they were making no contribution to the household expenses. She struggled with a serious back injury, which I could so relate to and was not getting a lot of help. Well after a pep talk from the radio broadcaster she called the radio station a few nights ago and reported to him and the listeners that she had made many changes in her life. She had quit smoking, her partner quit smoking, she got her boys out to work and encouraged them to quit smoking. She was out and about doing more and trying to help others. 

All I can say is: what a terrific ending to what could have been an extremely sad story. But this woman sounded on top of the world. She took on board the advice listeners had to give her and employed those ideas and I could not be happier for her. And what I heard when she called the program the other night has inspired me to do more for others and myself.

It can really suck when you have a medical condition that forces you out of work and on a benefit or pension and all the while doctors are telling you, that you cannot work. However, that doesn't mean you give up, I have been plugging away trying to make a living as a writer ever since both my doctors told me that and will be writing till the day I die, even if I am able to work full time again. I have always been a big believer in giving as much back to others as possible because it makes you feel so good to give. I find it better than receiving.

So congratulations to this woman and I send my blessings to her three little kids and her young sons and husband and I really hope they keep on keeping on and eventually get to where they want to be in life.

In writing this; I now have a smile on my face, it's great to share the positive for a change rather than writing about the negative issues that surround us and threaten to swallow us whole everyday. 

Keep smiling everyone and have a great day.

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