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Writing Sites And Alternative Paid Online Work Updated

This article has been updated effective 12 September with new places where online workers can find freelance work. 

This list is well overdue given that I am hearing that no one is making money at Bubblews anymore.

So I figure it is high time I update this list.

Some of these sites no longer exist and others are not worth your time. I have also discovered a few new sites that might be worth your while, however some of these sites require a one time fee to join.

Now I am not a fan of sites like these, however a couple of these sites have been checked out by a few serious freelancers and some of them have been given the thumbs up. You will be offered work on a daily basis with these sites and the potential to earn is there, it is really about how hard you want to work.

So let's start with the content mills. Unfortunately I have very little positive things to say about the content mills at the moment, mostly because for the last couple of months I have been getting screwed over by the clients on these sites who think they can do whatever they please, and treat writers like shit. Well I am on strike. I still write for Hire Writers only because I have a few very nice clients there who I have accepted work from and I have a commitment to finish it. I have contact admin and made a complaint about these shitty clients who delay approving and paying for your article for days on end and then Paypal cut off comes around and the writer does not get paid for the work he or she did that week, it fucking well sucks and I am sick of it. Sorry. End of Rant.

Clickworker Let's start with this one. This micro-job site click-worker; is still around and you can find work there from time to time, however because it is in Germany,  work for English speaking people is rare. Still, you will find work there occasionally and the payment is fair.

TSU is more of a paid version of Facebook, it requires you to work on getting others to sign up. If this is your thing, go for it, but I do not recommend it.

WriteLearnEarn is an article marketplace where you can post as many articles as you like and get paid for them. I have not started posting there yet, so there is not a lot I can tell you, however I have read good things about them.

PostAnyArticle: To my knowledge this site does not exist anymore.

Milk The Blog – Ditto on this one as well, which is a shame as I did think it had potential.

Persona Paper – This is also a new site that’s been around for a few months. I have been spending a lot more time there and I believe this site might be a stayer and if you commit to writing everyday and promote your articles everyday, you could be looking at some kind of regular payment. I am a huge fan of this site and try to write a post there whenever I can.

Elite Visitors went belly up because one of the partners took off with all the money. So forget about this one.

GCP Gallery I never bothered much here, especially after signing up and writing maybe one article and finding out the perhaps Arvind Dixit from Bubblews might be involved. I do not believe this site exists anymore either.

Postloop is still around as far as I have been told, and is good if you can type fast and you love posting in forums and sharing your opinions, I do so I have done okay there. If this is something you think you might enjoy, it would be great to see you there. It's good to take a break for a bit, chat in a few forums and have some fun and at the same time, you get paid.

PaidViewPoint – is a survey site and highly recommended. It is probably the top survey site out there. There is another site called Pine Cone Research, however they are not hiring at present. But, Paid View Point has had great reviews by many high profile bloggers around the net, so give them a go. It does require you to fill in information about your personality; this is to match you with the best surveys. Persevere with this as you will start getting well paid work once you are through this process.

Make Money Writing I spoke to the person at this website recently and she explained to me how this site works. Basically once you join up, the site will match you up with suitable clients. Now I have not tried this myself, however I intend to soon, so I can write an honest review. Keep in mind that the fee is totally refundable if you are not satisfied and you have thirty days to make that decision.

Real Writing Jobs This website is similar to the one above and I was asked to write a review about this site for a client at Hire Writers yesterday. So I went and did some digging. Most of the people who joined up and stuck it out are doing quite well. They are not making tonnes of money, but they are making a nice little supplement to their income. One member described this site as one of these eggs to keep in our freelance earning baskets. I must admit it is phrase I use a lot. So I would try this one out too, keeping mind that if you are not happy with service offered, you are entitled to a refund of your joining fee.

Disclaimer: I have never been a fan of sites that charge people to source work for them, but on digging around about these two services, I found that most writers can make back the fee in one day of work, and the fee is also tax deductible. And given my dissatisfaction with the content mills, I am thinking I will give the two sites above a go, what do I have to lose. If it stinks, then I will demand a refund. Nothing ventured, nothing gained right? 

Another option is to post up your skills on Fiver or People Per Hour. I have had a few successful jobs from these sites, so all you need do is sign up and create an ad. It could be that you will write short articles for $5 or create an ad on People Per Hour to write longer articles. Fiver have a limit of $5 per job and PPH have a limit of $20.

I will be adding more ideas to this blog post as they come to hand, so book mark this post and check back to see what I come up with. Some of the links provided are referral links, however I have only included these links to sites that I believe are worth trying out or have had success with myself.

Stay tuned fellow freelancers, I hope to be back with some more ideas on where we can write to make a living. By the way if you can are literate in other languages, translators are always in demand. This is something that occurred to me the other day when I client emailed me asking me to write an article about how to find work as a translator. Perhaps this is another direction people who speak more than one language might want to consider.

So; now it is your turn. Send me your suggestions on where freelancers can find work online. Even if it is not a writing site, let me know about it anyway. And tell me what you think about the sites I have discussed above.

Till next time, see ya all later on.

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