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Book Review - The Verbally Abusive Relationship: Patricia Evans

When I review a self-help book, which I often do, the book needs to be something pretty special and the above book is one of the best books to read about emotional abuse.

As books on abuse go; I have read many and this book is excellent. Patricia will guide you through the process of first explaining what an abusive relationship looks like. This book focuses on verbal abuse, which many people feel is not really abuse. It is abuse and if you believe it is not, then, I urge you to read this book.

Verbal and emotional abuse in relationships quite often goes along unnoticed. When you compare this type of abuse to the physical kind, it's easy to see how you may question whether you or someone close to you is in a relationship that is abusive both verbally and emotionally. We can visibly see injuries and bruises that occur when a partner is battered physically, but the scars and wounds that emotional and verbal abuse leave are deeper and far more damaging.

This book speaks to the female; in terms of being a victim as it is mostly women that are abused and have no idea what they have done to deserve it. Patricia explains the reasons why women get treated this way and in the second part of the book she reassures women with her strategies for counteracting your man's abusive statements. These strategies can work for anyone, dealing with all types of verbal abuse. Verbal abuse is however, more common between men and women in relationships.

In terms of abuse books on the market today, this book is timeless and is probably the best book I have read concerning verbal abuse.

A really good and brave friend of mine wrote a book about abusive relationships. She had been in one for year and wanted to help others. Verbal abuse can often include emotional abuse, and can lead to violence. Verbal abusers are basically bullies and as we know, bullies can revert to using violence to get things their way.

It is really important for us as women to recognise when someone (our partner) is verbally abusive, so that we can employ strategies to stop the abuse. If the strategies you employ in the book do not work and he becomes worse, Patricia advises her readers to have a plan to get somewhere safe.

So have a look out for this book if you are dealing with verbal abuse from someone as it will really help you in all situations. You might be accused of something ridiculous, or called nasty names, which is what abusers do and many more insidious actions.

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Stay tuned for my review of another great book about abuse, coming soon. Lisa Kroulik wrote another wonderful book to help people in abusive relationships that deals more with emotional abuse. This type of abuse is the most insidious kind, it is sneaky and you barely realise that it is happening. Lisa’s Book is available on Kindle if you have one, if you don't, they can be downloaded for free.

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