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Make Money Proofreading Or Transcribing For Scribie

Scribie is an online transcription site and is one of the most popular transcription sites out there at the moment. The only experience you will need is to be able to type at a reasonable pace; you will also need to have good written communication skills. There is also an option to obtain proofreading or review work once you have transcribed ten files.

The process is that you sign up and take a short test, which is not difficult. Shortly after you will receive an email with your results and an invitation to join up. Scribie always seem to have plenty of work available, so it's just a matter of logging in and choosing a file to transcribe. Once you choose a file, you have two hours to complete the file, since the files are only six minutes long, this should be relatively easy for someone who types at a good speed.

All the files are in English, so you would need a good command of English grammar and spelling. The files are six minute recordings, that you type up. For each completed file you receive $1. So if you spend a few hours each day on this, you could be earning $40 - $50 per week or more, and this translates to about $200 per month. A nice little addition to your other streams of income. There is no limit to how many jobs you can accept and once you have done three hours worth of tapes, you will get a $10 bonus. If you really wanted to go hard at this and do an hour of tapes per day, you could be getting the bonus every three days. And another big bonus is that you can cash out whenever you like and your money will be in Paypal the next day.

Once you have transcribed ten files; you are then eligible to do reviews and proofread work from other transcribers, which is easier to do and pays the same as transcribing. Once you have worked at this for a while, your typing speed will increase and you will also be able to apply for other transcription jobs that require experience.

Scribie is open to people from most countries, however they do not accept applications from countries that do not support Paypal. The files are all in English, so anyone who speaks English as a second language may find it challenging, however there's no harm in trying it out. Take the test and see how you go.

There are many other transcription sites online, however this is the first one I have encountered where you don't need much experience. Once you get your feet wet here, you may want to sign up for other sites that pay more. The site that pay more generally want their applicants to have skills in certain areas; like a legal background or an understanding of medical terminology.

So, there you have it. Another way to make a little income online. If you are interested, then go check out the site.

Check out Scribie for yourself.

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