Saturday, 10 August 2013

People Need To Be Right

The Need To Be Right. We all have this need, and sometimes it is better to tell a person they are right, rather than argue with them.

Recently I got into a big fight with my partner, who is no longer my partner, but that's another story. 

Anyway, he got himself into a little hot water at work. Something that was totally his fault and he would not take responsibility, just kept blaming the other person. His boss was cranky and the whole thing could have resulted in him getting fired as what he was accused of doing was over the line. I told him it was his word against the other persons' and to let it go. He did not appreciate that. I am guessing he was after sympathy because this person was picking on him and telling lies.

Once he got home that night I realized just how angry he truly was and instead of giving him comfort, I told him he has quite a reputation for doing stupid things. He and I did not speak for a few days. So was it worth it to throw the truth in his face like that? Probably not. But it's what I do. Ask and you shall receive is my motto, ask me a question and I am not gonna lie. So if you don't want the answer, then don't ask and this is exactly what I said to him.

I was pretty upset about his attitude and it all calmed down, until he came home again in a really foul mood and began to take it out on me. It was a Friday night and I did not want to put up with his dark mood all weekend, so I asked him what was up?

After the last few days of the silent treatment and him snapping at me every time I opened my mouth, I was on my guard. 'Here we go again' I was thinking. Instead he just said that the girl at work that was giving him a hard time had reported him for harassment and he was being investigated and had to do mediation. Instead of berating him for being an idiot, which he probably was. I told him I was sorry this was happening and was there anything I could do. He smiled and thanked me, and asked if we could go get pizza for dinner. We ended up having a great weekend and when he went to work on Monday, I wished him luck and said that it's her word against yours. He said nothing and off he went.

When he returned home that evening he was in a good mood and told me that this girl had fallen flat on her face, apparently she had lied about this sort of thing before. He was in a happy mood and I truly think it was because I let him feel that he was right in this situation.

And the moral to this story is, sometimes we may disagree or believe another version of the truth, but people need to be right.

This guy and I are no longer together, but he is an awful flirt and it would not have surprised me one bit if he did make a move on this girl. But at the time it was easier to let him be right. Perhaps that was wrong; well no, not really I know it was wrong to let him get away with it, as he has said really discriminating things regarding women and disabled people for as long as I can remember and I have been warning him for years that he will get into trouble. He was damned lucky to get away with that, and in the end the girl quit working there. Hmmmm. Gotta make you wonder.

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