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How The Entertainment Industry And The Government Are Twisting Copyright Laws

According to Torrent Freak, the bosses at Roadshow and Foxtel have revealed that they will take legal action against computer users who utilise Torrent file sharing sites. I am getting really sick and tired of these entertainment industry blood sucking worms trying to make something illegal by twisting the law.

Network executives are on crack if they believe downloading is the only 
issue affecting their bottom line.

The last time I checked the law, sharing a file over the Internet was not a breach of copyright or a form of stealing in any shape or form. Are these Torrent users claiming this content is theirs and they created it? No, they are not. So, these boof-heads need to stop twisting the meaning of breaching copyright.

Looks like Aussies decided to wait until these show came onto Foxtel or Free to Air TV. Perhaps these particular networks were wise enough to fast-track the content so the Aussie fans did not have wait or resort to downloading. However, this is probably not accurate as didn't someone leak the first five episodes of Game of Thrones before Foxtel got around to airing these episodes?

I am a freelance writer who does a lot of blogging on various sites and I encourage my readers to share my articles with their friends if they like what they are reading. In fact, the more people who read my article, the better that is for my bottom line and ability to get freelance work. So sharing a music file with a friend or many people online is the same thing, isn't it?

The short answer is NO! But Governments will waste money trying to do it anyway. The ISPs are not happy at what it might cost them, so this could go on for years before any Torrent sites are blocked.

If I were to download the new episode of Grey's Anatomy on Sept, 24, simply because I do not want to wait six months to see it's premiere in Australia, this is apparently illegal. Well; too bad, so sad. Perhaps if the Seven network were to show Grey's Anatomy at the same time the US are watching it, then I would not need a Torrent site to get my fix of one of my favourite TV shows. Wake up Seven network and you too Nine network, you are one of the worst offenders.

These entertainment executives need to get a grip and give the public what they want. Start listening to your viewers. What do Foxtel and Roadshow have to gain by suing people who cannot afford Pay TV or DVDs because they are so expensive in Australia. Suing these people is not going to bring the TV bosses untold riches or even recover what they claim to have lost in revenue due to piracy.

The people who will are sued or possibly thrown in gaol, will be the ones who are not computer saavy enough to know how to download content without getting caught. The people who download on a regular basis and break the law by selling what they download, they are the people who should be in gaol, no question about it. 

And make no mistake every single person connected to the one who has been thrown in gaol will start downloading as much content as possible in protest and most will never go to a movie, buy a CD or DVD ever again. This is the monster that will be created if the Government seek to imprison people who download a couple of movies or songs. 

When will Governments ever learn that trying to control a person's free will ends with people finding another way around those restrictions and what the Governments were trying to do inevitably backfires. My hope is the Internet and all that use it do everything they can to slap some sense into these people that are supposed to be representing the interests of everyone. Not just the rich entertainment executives.

So please leave the single mums, pensioners and regular ordinary Australians who would only download a show that they missed seeing a few days ago and at the most these people might download perhaps ten items of content per week. That is a drop in the ocean of content that is being sourced online and then sold for profit to people who do not know how to access content online.

When the boss of Roadshow told Torrent Freak that if people are appealed to in the right way, they would likely stop using Torrent sites, but he then turns around and says he is gearing up for the day his company can file law suits against Torrent users. 

You cannot access torrent files without downloading the Torrent client, known as UTorrent or BitTorrent. What many people are asking is, if it illegal to share Torrent files, then surely the software used to download the Torrents is illegal too. Not that I have heard is all I can add to this.

It is time to wake up Australia, blocking the sites won't work because the computer savvy people will find a way around that. Multiple ways of downloading content exist on the Internet, and it is impossible to block everything. Besides the Internet was never supposed to be controlled by anyone. 

Smart people will use a Virtual Private Network, or a VPN as they are known. These services allow user to route their Internet traffic through other servers, so anyone watching cannot see what the person is doing online. The best and most reputable VPN services do not keep logs, therefore the law cannot come along and demand these service identify people who are using Torrent sites. This is merely one way of stopping down-loaders.

It is possible to download from YouTube, I do not believe Google would ever agree to allowing YouTube to be blocked. So this blocking of sites where people can download content that is deemed illegal or stealing will not work and is a waste of tax-payers money.

Despite the efforts of certain authorities who seek to control everyone.
The Pirate Bay Lives on.

This whole exercise has cost tax payers a lot of money, and I shudder to think how much. The money they have spent on their so called piracy campaign should have gone towards helping people who are in danger of committing suicide, fifty people kill themselves per week in Australia and what about kiddie porn, and the fact that 1 in 5 children are sexually assaulted in Australia at some point in their lives. 

These statistics are horrifying and the Government should be paying attention to these problems. Not dancing to the tune of the entertainment industry and their whinging and whining about how much money they are losing because of file sharing.

This is quite a rant, but I have been thinking about this for awhile now and the more I analyze this, the more ridiculous I feel it is.

So; now it is your turn, have your say in the comments or jump on Twitter or Facebook to connect with me. If you are really serious about fighting for your right to file share with other Internet users. 

There is now an Australian Political Party that does not support the law surrounding what Hollywood refers to as piracy.

Coming soon, I will be writing a new article about how to ensure your privacy on the Internet. So stay tuned for that one.  

Also another tip I should leave you with is, if you are unsure what the best sites are to find Torrent files, Torrent Freak have a top ten list that is published yearly.

Stay anonymous online. Get a Free Trial of a quality VPN service today. If you use an Ipad or Tablet, then it is recommended you try Hidepad, a privacy service specifically designed for tablets and Ipads. Get a head start on these mongrels who want to control file sharing and protect your privacy today.

If you need content written for your website, JelWrites can get the job done.

The absolutely wonderful fact about the Internet is that there is a solution to any problem. No one will ever succeed in totally controlling the Internet or its users and it is criminal to even try. Those that try to implement measures of control are very likely to have this blow up in their faces. 

Jel Writes, September 2015

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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Person of Interest Actor Wins Award - This Show Cannot End In 2016

Courtesy of SpoilerTV 

Recently Amy Acker, who plays Root in Person Of Interest 



Spoiler TV Shared These Words With the Person of Interest fans

"It's been 63 polls (plus extras), but we finally have a winner. Congratulations to Samantha "Root" Groves of Person of Interest, who also got the most votes of any contestant and was the only contestant to receive over 2,000 votes in each round. This makes Root the first female to ever win the Character Cup. She joins Jack from LOST and Dean and Castiel from Supernatural in our Hall of Retired Winners. Congratulations to Person of Interest fans, Shameless fans, and all other fandoms for supporting their favorites and helping to make this a record-breaking Character Cup." 

Congratulations also go to Senko, for winning our prediction contest with 40 out of 63 correct predictions. You rock! All bragging rights go to you! Other top predictors were LOST Rocks Forever and ASN1. Great job. It's been fun comparing how different the contest turned out and where people thought it would go.

In our Vehicle Contest, the winners were the Impala from Supernatural in the Continuing Shows division and the Enterprise from Star Trek from the Ended Shows division. Thanks so much to everyone who participated either through voting, predicting, or commenting. Your voting broke records (see below) while the discussions were excellent, still my favorite part of the contest. I appreciate everyone who participated in the TV Talk Topics for making my hiatus go by a little faster. It was awesome talking TV with all of you. Special thanks also goes out to those who submitted pictures for the polls. Without you we would never have been able to change pictures for each poll. You guys rock!  Finally thanks as always to Andy, without whom there would be no Spoiler TV, the best TV website I have ever had the privilege to be a part of.

Thanks again for joining us and don't forget the Favorite Show Contest coming in August. Nominations start Monday and I know it will be an exciting race too. Check back at Spoiler TV to submit your nominees and of course to discuss your favorite shows. There's lots more good TV Talk to be had.

Visit: Spoiler TV to read more

This news is simply more proof that there are more Person of Interest fans out there than these TV networks realise. Never have I fought so hard to a show, like I am fighting for this show to have it's story told the way the creators intended. I want to see what is in their brain play out on my TV screen. And the TV Networks can do something about this, and it will benefit them greatly...they just do not know it yet.

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Why Person of Interest Needs To Be Saved


Person of Interest is the most original and unique series to hit TV in many years. The premise is something that has never been done. The writing is excellent and the acting by Michael Emerson, Jim Cavaziel, and the rest of this wonderful cast is some of the best acting I have ever seen on a TV series. I am also sure that millions of other fans cannot be wrong.
The Stars of Person of Interest, Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel

Person of Interest has a cult following and CBS do not realise just how many fans this show has. In all fairness they only have the rights to broadcast this series and the only profit they make is from ratings, so their decision to cut a show that has been critically acclaimed for four season to half a season was stupid in many fan's opinions. However, they are a business and ratings are what drives a TV network.

The creators of this show did not see it ending after four and a half seasons, in fact one of the creators recently said that Person of Interest has been planned out to go for at least six full seasons, perhaps seven. The way this story has been told has been perfect in every way. The creators have solved certain mysteries and developed their characters are exactly the right speed. There is more than enough story there left to tell to keep fans interested for many seasons. When I first saw Season one, I knew the creators had enough there to tell a wonderful story for at least five seasons.

So here we are a Season five which is due to premiere on CBS in January, possibly November if we are lucky. If this show was shown at a decent time, it would rate well and make the network who chooses to make a deal with the owners of this show a tidy profit. CBS ruined their great ratings of Person of Interest when they moved it to a 10 pm Tuesday timeslot. 

The millions of fans all over the world will subscribe to Netflix just to get this show, I believe this with all of my heart because many fans have told me this. And I can also guarantee that no fan of this show wants to see it end. What the fans want is for the creators to tell the story as planned, and not rush it to finish up the show in fifteen episodes. It will ruin this show and Season five will not be relevant to this series. Not in my opinion and not in many fan's opinions.

In my opinion if Person of Interest ends after fifteen episodes in 2016, I will consider the Season Four finale to be the series end. The story left to tell can not be summed up in fifteen episodes, no matter how great the writing is.

I really hope that Netflix or another network that might be interested decide to pick up the rights to this series. Little do many people realise, but there are millions of fans who do not want to see it end this way, for many reasons and for the reasons outlined above.

The sad thing is, that this show is an original concept and idea, and many other writers and film creators will try to copy this series and make their own versions of artificial intelligence TV shows. Every new show that is similar to Person of Interest will suck. A lot of the fans feel as though there are many TV executives out there who have failed to see how great this show is, perhaps it is up to the fans to show the way.

Netflix; please consider what has been said here. I am certain there are a lot of fans campaigning TV networks to pick up Person of Interest.

We Love This Show and We Will Fight to the Death.

One thing we can do is Hope!

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Are CBS Determined To Ruin Person Of Interest?

The Best Show TV Has Seen In A Long Time Could Be Headed For The Scrap-Heap

Love me some John Reese

Now I don't usually rant and rave about TV on this blog, but given that I have many reader who enjoy this blog, I decided this was the place to publish my outrage at what is being done to this show. Below is an article I wrote earlier for Persona Paper regarding this awesome TV show.

Image result for person of interest

The best show hits TV screens four years ago and it has been critically acclaimed for all of it's four seasons, what TV network in their right mind would then push it back to premiere  Season 5 in January and only order 13 episodes. It sounds as though CBS think Season 5 will be the last, but anyone who watches this show and the slow way the writers have drawn out this story, it can not be wrapped up in 13 episodes in a realistic way. Some fans are wishing they had never watched this show, simply because they are certain they will not get to see the story the creators had planned over six to seven seasons.

If you love this show, then jump on Facebook and join every Person of Interest group you can find and join in the Twitter blasts that are happening regularly to save this show. The more fans that do this, the more likely it is that this show will be saved and the creators will get to tell their story and the fans will get to see this story play out on the screen. 

For more information you can Read more here

Are you into Grey's Anatomy? If so visit my Grey's Anatomy Addicts site.

Get All Saints DVDs - Guarantee To Beat Any Price. You Find it Cheaper somewhere else; I will beat that price.

The original All Saints DVDs are starting to become impossible to find, so much so that people are resorting to purchasing pirated copies at a cheaper price. How is this affecting the bottom line for the company who produce these DVDs in Australia and more to the point, what about the royalties the actors and writers miss out on.

Insist on quality, insist that the DVDs you purchase are the real deal, do not buy pirated copies. This is illegal and you are lining the pockets of criminals. Always demand quality and the original products. 

Get The 2007 Season of All Saints Box Set Right Here - Guaranteed Original DVDs

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Monday, 12 January 2015

Writing Sites And Alternative Paid Online Work Updated

This article has been updated effective 12 September with new places where online workers can find freelance work. 

This list is well overdue given that I am hearing that no one is making money at Bubblews anymore.

So I figure it is high time I update this list.

Some of these sites no longer exist and others are not worth your time. I have also discovered a few new sites that might be worth your while, however some of these sites require a one time fee to join.

Now I am not a fan of sites like these, however a couple of these sites have been checked out by a few serious freelancers and some of them have been given the thumbs up. You will be offered work on a daily basis with these sites and the potential to earn is there, it is really about how hard you want to work.

So let's start with the content mills. Unfortunately I have very little positive things to say about the content mills at the moment, mostly because for the last couple of months I have been getting screwed over by the clients on these sites who think they can do whatever they please, and treat writers like shit. Well I am on strike. I still write for Hire Writers only because I have a few very nice clients there who I have accepted work from and I have a commitment to finish it. I have contact admin and made a complaint about these shitty clients who delay approving and paying for your article for days on end and then Paypal cut off comes around and the writer does not get paid for the work he or she did that week, it fucking well sucks and I am sick of it. Sorry. End of Rant.

Clickworker Let's start with this one. This micro-job site click-worker; is still around and you can find work there from time to time, however because it is in Germany,  work for English speaking people is rare. Still, you will find work there occasionally and the payment is fair.

TSU is more of a paid version of Facebook, it requires you to work on getting others to sign up. If this is your thing, go for it, but I do not recommend it.

WriteLearnEarn is an article marketplace where you can post as many articles as you like and get paid for them. I have not started posting there yet, so there is not a lot I can tell you, however I have read good things about them.

PostAnyArticle: To my knowledge this site does not exist anymore.

Milk The Blog – Ditto on this one as well, which is a shame as I did think it had potential.

Persona Paper – This is also a new site that’s been around for a few months. I have been spending a lot more time there and I believe this site might be a stayer and if you commit to writing everyday and promote your articles everyday, you could be looking at some kind of regular payment. I am a huge fan of this site and try to write a post there whenever I can.

Elite Visitors went belly up because one of the partners took off with all the money. So forget about this one.

GCP Gallery I never bothered much here, especially after signing up and writing maybe one article and finding out the perhaps Arvind Dixit from Bubblews might be involved. I do not believe this site exists anymore either.

Postloop is still around as far as I have been told, and is good if you can type fast and you love posting in forums and sharing your opinions, I do so I have done okay there. If this is something you think you might enjoy, it would be great to see you there. It's good to take a break for a bit, chat in a few forums and have some fun and at the same time, you get paid.

PaidViewPoint – is a survey site and highly recommended. It is probably the top survey site out there. There is another site called Pine Cone Research, however they are not hiring at present. But, Paid View Point has had great reviews by many high profile bloggers around the net, so give them a go. It does require you to fill in information about your personality; this is to match you with the best surveys. Persevere with this as you will start getting well paid work once you are through this process.

Make Money Writing I spoke to the person at this website recently and she explained to me how this site works. Basically once you join up, the site will match you up with suitable clients. Now I have not tried this myself, however I intend to soon, so I can write an honest review. Keep in mind that the fee is totally refundable if you are not satisfied and you have thirty days to make that decision.

Real Writing Jobs This website is similar to the one above and I was asked to write a review about this site for a client at Hire Writers yesterday. So I went and did some digging. Most of the people who joined up and stuck it out are doing quite well. They are not making tonnes of money, but they are making a nice little supplement to their income. One member described this site as one of these eggs to keep in our freelance earning baskets. I must admit it is phrase I use a lot. So I would try this one out too, keeping mind that if you are not happy with service offered, you are entitled to a refund of your joining fee.

Disclaimer: I have never been a fan of sites that charge people to source work for them, but on digging around about these two services, I found that most writers can make back the fee in one day of work, and the fee is also tax deductible. And given my dissatisfaction with the content mills, I am thinking I will give the two sites above a go, what do I have to lose. If it stinks, then I will demand a refund. Nothing ventured, nothing gained right? 

Another option is to post up your skills on Fiver or People Per Hour. I have had a few successful jobs from these sites, so all you need do is sign up and create an ad. It could be that you will write short articles for $5 or create an ad on People Per Hour to write longer articles. Fiver have a limit of $5 per job and PPH have a limit of $20.

I will be adding more ideas to this blog post as they come to hand, so book mark this post and check back to see what I come up with. Some of the links provided are referral links, however I have only included these links to sites that I believe are worth trying out or have had success with myself.

Stay tuned fellow freelancers, I hope to be back with some more ideas on where we can write to make a living. By the way if you can are literate in other languages, translators are always in demand. This is something that occurred to me the other day when I client emailed me asking me to write an article about how to find work as a translator. Perhaps this is another direction people who speak more than one language might want to consider.

So; now it is your turn. Send me your suggestions on where freelancers can find work online. Even if it is not a writing site, let me know about it anyway. And tell me what you think about the sites I have discussed above.

Till next time, see ya all later on.

Visit Jel Writes Freelance Writer for read more about working online and other topics that I am passionate about.  

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I’m Done

A recent post on Bubblews
I won’t be back here to write again. Too much stuff has gone wrong here, it always seems to be bad news. Bubblews was a good platform for me to improve my writing, however it’s now time to move on.

The recent news regarding payments that people won’t be receiving is mind-boggling to say the least. As one poster put it earlier, why not share all the revenue equally with everyone. Whatever, I just don’t care anymore and I haven’t for some time now as I have moved on to greener pastures where I am making decent money.

I have deleted all of my articles all bar one, and this one that I write now to say goodbye. I will keep up with everyone on Facebook and be back here to read from time to time. There’s enough in my bank to redeem, my bank was not touched, but now all my articles are gone, I guess they will make some kind of deduction. Most of the money there was residual income anyway.

For everyone’s sake who are still hanging in and sticking with writing here, good luck and I really hope that things turn around. But I am doubtful, the recent announcement regarding redemptions on New Years Eve put paid to that. Now that it is confirmed that many people who were waiting for missed payments will not be receiving them, the s**t’s really going to hit the fan. Keep your eyes glued to the social networks over the coming days or weeks.

I almost feel sorry for the management, almost, as they are young and made terrible mistakes, but I saw the end coming long before they did. I feel even worse about the writers here and more so the ones who are staying. I respect your choice, but it’s just crazy. There are some really talented writers here and many have abandoned ship and that's not good for the site. But; who can blame them. I did the same thing well over a year ago.

So goodbye all, it was fun while it lasted, I will check in, but if you want to you can find me on Facebook and Twitter:

Written by Janelle Coulton – Janelle Coulton is a freelance writer for many online sites around the net and is also a serious blogger. Find her at JelWritesFreelanceWriter or GreysAnatomyAddicts

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