Thursday, 18 June 2015

Are CBS Determined To Ruin Person Of Interest?

The Best Show TV Has Seen In A Long Time Could Be Headed For The Scrap-Heap

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Now I don't usually rant and rave about TV on this blog, but given that I have many reader who enjoy this blog, I decided this was the place to publish my outrage at what is being done to this show. Below is an article I wrote earlier for Persona Paper regarding this awesome TV show.

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The best show hits TV screens four years ago and it has been critically acclaimed for all of it's four seasons, what TV network in their right mind would then push it back to premiere  Season 5 in January and only order 13 episodes. It sounds as though CBS think Season 5 will be the last, but anyone who watches this show and the slow way the writers have drawn out this story, it can not be wrapped up in 13 episodes in a realistic way. Some fans are wishing they had never watched this show, simply because they are certain they will not get to see the story the creators had planned over six to seven seasons.

If you love this show, then jump on Facebook and join every Person of Interest group you can find and join in the Twitter blasts that are happening regularly to save this show. The more fans that do this, the more likely it is that this show will be saved and the creators will get to tell their story and the fans will get to see this story play out on the screen. 

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  1. Like you I love person of interest but the writers did more to ruin the show than CBS. With the same soap opera mentality to kill off key characters, which forced me to lose interest in the Walking Dead, the show took a downturn when Detective Carter was killed. Perhaps it is a 20s or 30s something perception that viewers will continue to engage a program when you kill off their primary interests, but at least the first 3 and 1/2 seasons of the show are worthy of rerun viewing on streaming. It is a shame that until we can get the same class of writers that shows such as the X-Files had, we can only expect a few years of innovative writing to match the talent of the actors in major TV series.