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Person of Interest; Masquerade, Season 2 - 3 Review

It's Back to Business for Finch and Reese

Reese is looking through some files in an attempt to track down Root, when Finch arrives at the library. Reese quickly puts the files aside and tells Finch that they have a new number. Finch glances at the information on Root; possibly wondering if Reese has a lead, but decides to let it go and focus on their new Person of Interest (POI). 

The new POI and her useless bodyguard

Reese sets off to find his new POI and in doing so sets up her bodyguard to get caught for shop-lifting; knowing full well that the man would be fired. Not Reese's problem when someone's life may be in danger. He manages to get himself hired as Sofia's new body guard. Sofia is the Prime Minister of Brazil's daughter and this young lady is a handful. She is no match for Reese and Finch and their methods of surveillance and tracking people down. What was interesting in this week's episode was Finch; it would seem that the ordeal with Root has affected him a lot more than he realizes. Finch looks to be suffering from some kind of panic disorder that is affecting his ability to do certain things. More about that in a moment.

Finch attempts to meet Reese at the park

It look as though Sofia has unwillingly and unknowingly gotten herself mixed up with some kind of mafia gang. Jack, her boyfriend who she is seeing behind her father's back is in it up to his neck. When Sofia's best friend turns up dead in the city morgue, things start to fall into place. Paul; another man who was in the penthouse the night Sofia visited there is mysteriously murdered. Sofia shows Reese the video footage of Paul going over the balcony. Detective Carter discovers a type of marking on his body which is how they link him and the others to a group called the 14th Street Mafia. Later on they go to a night club in the hope that Sofia's friend Gaby will meet them as planned, even though Sofia had not been able to get in touch with her by phone. As they are wandering around looking for Gaby in the crowd, a group of men start shooting at them, Reese pushes Sofia out of the way and tackles the men, he manages to get Sofia to safety. It is not long after this that Carter calls telling Reese she traced Gaby's phone to the morgue.

Sofia is very upset and blames herself for Gaby's murder. But Reese tells her it's not her fault. She tells Reese she does not want to go to the consulate and play hostess and wants to help find Gaby's killer. Reese says no, and contacts Finch to come and keep an eye on Gaby. He takes Gaby to the park to wait for Finch. Finch decides to take Bear for a walk, he grabs the leash and some treats and walks out the door. He gets halfway across a pedestrian crossing when he suddenly stops walking, and stands frozen in the middle of the road. Cars are honking and people are yelling abuse. He suddenly snaps out of it and runs back to the library, panting loudly. He calls Reese and tells him he can't make it. Reese says that's okay, he'll get Fusco on it.

The reality of his recent abduction hit Harold hard

Fusco arrives and Reese tells him not to let Sofia out of his sight. While Sofia and Fusco head to the consulate; Reese goes after Gaby's killer with Detective Carter. After finding some of the gang in a bar, Reese goes in to talk with them and ends having to take them all out. Carter states the obvious to Reese, that they are all out cold and now how are we meant to get information. In the meantime Fusco and Sofia are at the consulate and Sofia asks Fusco to give her a moment alone. He takes her to a private room and closes the door, leaving her essentially out of his sight. Bad move, because she sneaks out again to meet Jack who has been sent to kill her, because she is a loose end. Fusco manages to get there in time, however Jack gets away. Not for long, because Reese and Sofia track him back to the penthouse, and Reese dangles him over the balcony. He pleads that none of this was his idea, however Reese hands him over to Fusco, and he is arrested.

Meanwhile the investigation of Alicia Corwin's murder is still on-going. Carter goes down to inspect the body and notices a cut on Alicia's arm. The medical examiner tells her it was made after the autopsy was done. It is revealed by someone working for the Special Council (these are the people responsible for keeping the machine a secret; and they have orders to take out anyone who threatens the machine) that Alicia was carrying some kind of memory card underneath her skin and it had been cut out after the autopsy. Agent Snow is also there investigating Corwin's death, and Detective Carter runs into him at the morgue. He tells her he is not chasing John Reese anymore, which surprises Carter, and he is also walking with a very awkward limp. Later on when Carter tries to call Agent Snow, someone else answers his cell phone. This person insists on knowing when Carter had contact with Snow. Carter asks who she is speaking with, and they tell her they will be in touch. Not long after this a female CIA agent shows up at the precinct asking questions about Snow. Carter tells the woman that she needs to take care of her own business, Carter is suspicious of their questions and reminds the agent that one of hers turned up dead five weeks ago. 

Agent Snow, has been chasing John Reese for a while now, well not anymore

John's partner; Stanton from the CIA turns up again, and it appears she has Agent Snow working for her. They meet in a basement of some kind. Snow swears he does not know who ordered them to go to China, however she's obviously not buying it as she reveals the explosive vest strapped to Snow's upper torso. One writer speculated in a review of Season 1's; "Matsaya Nyaya" that Stanton could be Root; I thought the same at one stage too. Until it was revealed in the finale, that they were two separate women. These two women are double trouble and it would not surprise me if she and Root are somehow connected, now we know they are not the same person. Root is definitely not their only problem, this ex-partner of John's is trouble, not to mention the Special Council. Do Reese and Stanton know they both had orders to kill the other? Snow gave those orders; so I think his time is limited, unless Reese can save him. But why would he? Snow tried to kill him twice already. We still don't really know what Root is after when she told Harold she wanted access to the machine, there is still a lot of mystery going on. What is on the memory card that was inside Alicia Corwin arm? Do the Special Council know what Finch and Reese are up to? All these questions to be answered. I cannot wait for the next episode.

Review #3474: Person of Interest 1.20: “Matsya Nyaya”

John and Agent Stanton: Is she back for revenge

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Friendship After A Break-Up

What is it about couples who try to remain friends after a painful breakup? You would think that after the pain of breaking up a relationship would motivate you to stay as far away as possible from your ex lover. 

Granted, some relationships end amicably and the couple do maintain a civil method of communication more for their families and children's sake than anything else. Some relationships die a natural death, and both parties cannot wait to get away from each other; as was the case with one of my relationships many years ago.

If there's one thing I've noticed since I've become involved with my work helping people with their marriage and relationship troubles; the couples who suffer through a terrible and painful break up want to hang onto the friendship. Is this you? Do you wish you could at least keep your friendship alive with your lost lover, I know I did a few years back. In-fact I would have moved heaven and earth to keep this man and make him happy. I bought many relationship E-books and set a plan into action to regain his friendship and hopefully his love. Did it work? Yes, to a point. But in the end I decided that I was better off without him. But, this is another story and I could probably write a book about it.

Salvaging a friendship from the broken remains, that was once a loving relationship depends a lot on whether you did the dumping or if you were the one dumped. There are no hard and fast rules here, however if you are the one that did the dumping, then you are more likely to benefit greatly from a continued friendship. This could be at the expense of your dumped ex lover. Sometimes the dumper will request a friendship simply because they cannot stand the guilt of seeing their former lover in so much pain, pain that they believe they have caused.

Guilt can be a big motivator in deciding whether or not the dumper will reach out and soften the blow of a break up by offering the hand of friendship. The dumper may have doubts about their decision to end the relationship, so friendship is a way of hanging on to see if this is the case. For the person left behind, this scenario can actually work in their favour if they are hoping for reconciliation. Simple loneliness is a strong motivator for both parties to request friendship, it is difficult to become accustomed to living without your partner, when you have been together in a loving relationship for a period of time. The dumper may also assume that friendship may include fringe benefits like being able to borrow money, have sex with their ex partner, or borrow the car perhaps. It is imperative that the dumpee be aware that they may be taken advantage of and used, therefore it is probably best to keep a safe distance if your ex is asking for small favours all the time.

If the dumpee is hoping the re-kindle the love and get their ex back, then keeping a safe distance is a good strategy because people want what they cannot have, and human nature may see the dumper come running back to the relationship. For the dumpee, never have sex with an ex. There are so many reasons why this is a no no. Your self esteem will be shattered when they announce that you two are not getting back together. From the dumpee's point of view it is not beneficial for them to pursue a friendship, unless you have children with your lost lover. Keeping a civil and friendly attitude is so vitally important to kids. They need their parents to be friends and it sets a great example for your children later on in life.

Many people request friendship simply because they have not totally let go of their lover and the relationship and this goes both ways for the dumper and the dumpee. It could be that both of you are scared of the unknown and facing the big, bad world out there alone. It is usually the person who was dumped that feels this fear more, as the one ending the relationship wants what they want, and they are probably willing to face their fear. There is also the case of the ex lover who will request friendship simply to not have to be the bad guy, it is actually an act of self gratification. This example is not about guilt at all. The dumper will request the friendship because it makes them feel better about their decision and even worse some without even realizing it will keep the dumpee hanging on and pining after them because it feels good to them that their ex still yearns for their love. These actions are usually not conscious, however sometimes I believe they are; I am only too aware of one man who did this to me a few years ago. It felt so good to him that I was making him nice dinners, providing sexual favours and begging him to return. How stupid was I? And how great did he feel? Fantastic, I bet! I have no doubt in my mind that some dumpers realize only too well the pain they have caused, and the power they have over that person. This type of scenario makes me sick to my stomach.

Amongst the huge myriad of reasons why people choose to stay friends with their ex, and the reasons not to, you would think many of us would choose to just move on. Unless you have children then that's what I believe couples should try and do. Trying to be friends immediately after a painful break up is just too hard. Why make life harder than it has to be at a time like this. You really should be focusing on moving forward with your life, and looking to the future. Attempting a friendship is probably doing you and your ex lover more harm than good. You probably do not realize how painful it is to be friends in this situation, especially for the one who has been dumped, and especially if that person is living in hope of reconciliation. It is definitely not a wise idea to do anything to give your former partner any false hope; that would be cruel.

Many people think it is okay to keep seeing each other, and keep having sex, it's not, and someone always gets hurt. Sexual intercourse together is over once the relationship is finished. Sex should only be given freely in a committed relationship. Some of you may argue that casual sex is okay. That's your opinion and you're entitled to it, but I do not believe in casual sex. If you are the dumper in this scenario, then I urge you to watch yourself and your ex love closely. Be kind to your former lover, but do not send signals of false hope to them. Be straight-forward and upfront about your feelings at all times. Be clear about where your friendship stands. He or she could well be hoping that you will realize the love you share and want them back.

In my opinion and this is only my opinion as all my articles are; friendship right after a break up, especially a painful one cannot work. Someone always gets hurt, usually the person who was dumped, and they usually end up more hurt than when you broke up with them. As for the dumper this experience can be just a hurtful for them, as they may genuinely want this friendship to succeed and may be hurt and disappointed that it is not going to work. There is also absolutely no reason why friendship between the two of you cannot happen down a road, once the wounds have healed.

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Person Of Interest Season 2 - 2 Bad Code - Review

The second episode of Person of Interest; Season 2 went to air in Australia on Monday night; John and Harold were re-united. 

After travelling all the way across the country to Texas; John and Detective Carter finally piece together the mystery that is Root. John is certain that Root is or was Hannah a 14 year old girl who disappeared over 20 years ago from a  town called Bishop; and was never seen again. It looks as though this may be the case until her body is dug up in someone's backyard. Turn's out, the library assistant's husband murdered this young girl and someone else assumed her identity for the next two years. Who and why is a mystery until we get to the end of the episode. Turns out Root had a bank account in this girls name and claimed some kind of reward for helping solve a crime.

The man who abducted this 14 year old girl was murdered a few years later; however this happened because Root made it look as though he had stolen money from drug dealers. She obviously knew or strongly suspected that this man had murdered her friend. Root turns out to be a blonde, and her real name is Samantha Groves. She was also the one who called 911 to report seeing Hannah get into the car on the night she vanished.

Missing, Hannah; is she Root's real identity

Every year on the date that this young girl disappeared, a copy of her favourite book was sent to the librarian. Not wanting to believe her husband was responsible for the kidnapping; she hid the books. John finds a receipt in the most recent book and traces where it was bought, and the credit card number. Seems as though Harold did teach John some computer hacking skills before disappearing.  John tracks the book to a store in Seattle, and then traces the credit card; it isn't long before Root uses the card and John realises they are in Relton, Maryland.

Meanwhile Detective Fusco is following Hersh, the special council's inside guy who was sent to tamper with Alicia Corwin's murder. Fusco jacks his phone and manages to get the address where he thinks Root is hiding out. He passes this information to John who goes to the house. He finds Week's body and Harold's cufflink and a code that Harold entered into the phone while Root was dealing with Weeks. John decodes the message and deduces that they are at the train station. 

John arrives at the train station and immediately spots Root. Root has a gun pointed towards a station staff member, when Harold jumps out of the wheelchair and pushes her to the ground, she gets up and runs out of there, while John races over to Harold. Harold complains that John was not meant to save him. 

They return to the library and Harold meets Bear. Bear has one of Harold's rare first editions in his mouth. John apologizes that he can't have Bear at his apartment. Harold tells John that he owes him a debt, John is about to say something when his phone rings. It is Root; who thanks John for solving the Hannah case and giving her friend a decent burial. She also tells John she will be coming for Harold when the time is right, John warns her to steer clear or she will be sorry. Root is undeterred and replies "We'll see." Root watches as the special council's men take away Denton Week's body. 

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Coming up on Person of Interest; Masquerade - Season 2-3, Finch and Reese get back to business. The duo's new POI, Sophie is in a whole lot of trouble. Is she a victim or perpetrator, find out on Monday at 9.30pm on Channel Nine.

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Why You Should Ditch the Rules - By Amy Waterman

Playing by those rules today isn’t just old-fashioned; it’s just plain limiting. Today, we as women have more freedom than at any other time in human history. We can work in whatever job we want, live wherever we want, and date whomever we want! Why, then, would we willingly step back under the yoke of courtship Do’s and Don’ts designed in a culture that’s long past and good riddance?

Because, in the often-confusing modern dating world, rules make us feel safe. Do’s and Don’ts can keep us from making mistakes. Dating “rules” (like ending a phone call first, or not accepting a weekend date after Wednesday) can prevent us from getting rejected. Or can they?

If you keep yourself from doing certain things around men and make yourself do others based on FEAR that you’ll make a mistake or FEAR that he’ll reject you, then you’re setting the foundation for a relationship based on insecurity.
It’s the same error our grandmothers and great-grandmothers made so many years ago: they looked to the MEN to define whether they were in a relationship, what form it would take, and how long it would last.

As a result, the only way women were able to influence the outcome was through indirect means – such being mysterious, playing “hard to get,” and not letting on how they felt – to get what they wanted.

Today, it’s wonderful that men and women both can be so open, honest, and direct about topics that were taboo just a few generations before. But with this freedom comes power … and a great deal of confusion.

Even though the old rules were restricting, at least they gave us the confidence of familiarity. We knew what to do. We knew what the man’s role was, and we knew what the woman’s role was.
But if men and women each have an equal say in dating and relationships, then who is supposed to make the next move … and what even IS the next move?

The old dating Do’s and Don’ts simply are not flexible enough to account for the way society has changed and the diversity of cultures that exists.

That’s why I believe it is so important that we develop a new paradigm for dating and relationships that reflects who we are as modern women in a modern dating world.

That's why Amy Waterman, author of How to Be Irresistible to Men, and Marie Forleo, author of Make Every Man Want You, got together to produce a dating course unlike any other. They set out to show how women can find out what to do in ANY dating situation, in a way that’s appropriate, effortless, and completely IRRESISTIBLE … all without resorting to outdated Do’s and Don’t that may not even apply to them!

Their collaboration resulted in the riveting audio program, Make Every Man Want You MORE! Over the six-lesson course, Amy and Marie lay out the essential tools every modern woman needs in a modern dating world, what it takes to move a relationship along from casual to committed, how to navigate tricky dating areas like communication, sex, “baggage” from your past, and more.

Single women today can feel enormously pressured to live up to a high standard in ALL areas of their life, from their careers to their appearance to their love life. If you don’t want to settle for anything less than excellence in life AND love, then Make Every Man Want You More will teach you how to effortlessly and flawlessly achieve your goals.

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Article written by Amy Waterman

Online Dating; Telling Lies On Your Profile

We have all heard of this before. You meet someone in person for the first time and it’s obvious they have lied in their dating site profile. They have blatantly lied! Not subtle exaggeration. I am referring to people who are obvious liars. People lie about their age, their weight or the amount of grey in their hair.

The puzzling thing is why people who are dating online do this? It is obvious once they meet their prospective date in person that they will be found out. Their prospective date will know the instant they lay eyes each other. People are not as stupid as one might think. Yet this is how they will feel once they are aware that their date has lied. Not to mention angry, betrayed and uncomfortable during the entire date. Not a great start to what could be a budding friendship or relationship.

When people start dating online they are on their guard to start out with. They are cautious about where they meet people and whom they choose to meet. The last thing a prospective date wants is to meet a person who has lied to them. They will not be asking for a second date. Many people would turn around and go home. It’s really not worth it. Lying will not help to be a success in the dating game. This lapse in judgement will destroy the trust and honesty before this couple start the process of getting to know each other.

So the bottom line here is; don’t do it. Tell the truth, be a genuine person and meet people who like you for who you are. If you are not comfortable with who you are; you need to work on that. Happiness and contentment comes from inside of you. Do not expect another person to give you these things. You need to work on this yourself.

Do not lie on your online profile; be honest about age, appearance, weight and all other information you put out there. In saying this; there is a lot to be said about having some mystery about you. Don’t be too quick to reveal all about yourself or you may scare off your prospective date. But that’s for another time.

Have you ever lied to a prospective date before you’ve met face to face? Tell me about it in the comments or connect via Facebook or Twitter.

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Find True Love - Get The Partner Of Your Dreams

If I could show you a sure fire way to catch the men of your dreams and keep him, would you take it? Would you take the challenge? Heck! I know I would, and I did. I followed certain strategies in books I found on the net quite by accident and here I am, engaged to be married. 

What happened in a nutshell is this. I followed certain rules, rules that I learnt from these books. I am not talking about the old fashioned rules either. Recently author, Amy Waterman wrote an article telling all women to ditch the rules and Amy is one hundred percent right. The rules that Amy was talking about are "The Rules" series of books, written by two women some years ago, these women are happily married and aren't struggling with the dating scene, so I don't see a lot of credence in what they write.

Basically girls, it is like this. I focused on myself and less on the men I was dating. My life was about me, myself and I. My career, my daughter, my writing and my interests and passions. This is what all women should be doing and even when you get the guy. Keep doing it and he will be attracted and crazy about you forever. This is my secret to my successful relationship, but that’s not the only secret I have to share.

Much more information, do's and don'ts, and mistakes we make with men are here in this E-Book, which there is also a link to below.One mistake I made constantly was call my boyfriends all the time, believe me when I tell you, they hate it. Let them chase you. Let the man have the absolute pleasure of playing the cat and mouse game that we hate so much and they love. It turns them on and you will turn them on if you allow this game to play itself out. Don't rob your man of this pleasure, it will work in your favour.

Another mistake I made was to go over to their houses late at night for what I call the booty call, or letting them come to me late at night. Never, ever let this happen, tell them you are busy. You are not someone’s second or third choice. You should be first and foremost in their mind.

So after reading this short essay, will you take the challenge? If you are interested in learning more please visit the following link and find out how you can be irresistible to men.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Person Of Interest: Contingency, Season 2 Premiere - Postmortem Opinion

John's Frantic Search for Harold

A brand new Season of Person of Interest returns to the Nine Network with yet another cliff-hanger. Harold Finch, genius and creator/programmer of the famous machine is missing, abducted by Root; a master computer hacker who  fooled John and Harold into believing she was a damsel in distress with a price on her head. This woman wants information on how to access the machine; and she intends to get this intell by any means possible. Harold is in big trouble.

John is determined to find Harold and his hope is that the machine will help him. It is not long before the machine issues John with another number, and John must decode the social security number from the code that is delivered to John via a pay phone. He is certain that this must be a lead to where Root has taken Harold Finch. To his dismay and annoyance; the number is that of another person in need. This new POI is not connected to Harold and John or Root in any way. This is also a message to John that Harold's contingency is for John to continue on with his work. John deciphers that the machine will not help him find Harold.

John negotiates with the machine

John's most recent POI is a financial expert who has stolen millions from a drug cartel, and now this cartel want their money. John is not happy about having to rescue this guy, however he has no choice but to protect his latest POI, pain in the ass or not. John knew from previous conversations with Harold that he would be expected to carry on with the numbers if something happened to Harold. 

John's annoying new Person of Interest

In the meantime Root is using every trick up her sleeve to convince Harold to help her access the machine. Root obviously knows or suspects that Harold would never give her the answers she so desperately wants, even if she resorted to extreme measures to make him talk. So Root uses a contingency plan of her own. She arranges for another person to come to the house where she is holding Harold; a man by the name of Weeks, who at one time tried to hack the machine. Root most likely knows this, and figures that Weeks will break more easily than Harold, given Harold built the machine and will protect it at any cost.

It is also revealed that Harold programmed the machine not to help him if he was in trouble. After an incident when we went back in time and the machine warned Harold not to walk out onto a crossing was when Harold realised that he needed to program it not to look out for him. However that does not mean that John and Carter (who is helping John to find Finch) cannot use it to find people connected to Root or Finch. John finds information and a photo of a girl who disappeared at 14 years of age; and John is sure this is Root. So they are off to a small town in Texas to try to find Harold. 

A great episode and fantastic to have Person of Interest back on our screens. I absolutely love the dog, Bear; John's new addition to the team. And we are left wondering until the next episode: where is Harold and what will Root do to him? What does Root want with the machine, and what does she mean "set it free?" Hopefully some of those answers will be forth-coming next week when we find out what Carter and John find in Texas.

What did you think of the first episode of Person of Interest? Sound off in the comments, or follow me via Twitter, Facebook or Google. 

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Michael Jackson's Doctor; Conrad Murray Seeks Another Appeal

Conrad Murray Could Be Released As Early As Christmas

The man convicted of involuntary manslaughter and who was complicit in the death of superstar Michael Jackson is seeking to released again. Dr Conrad Murray who has since had his medical licence revoked is claiming that being locked is affecting his health in a negative way. His legal team are working on an appeal to overturn his conviction, based on evidence that previously not allowed at trial.

Due to overcrowding of prisons in the United States; it was estimated that Conrad Murray would be out in two years anyway, however if his defence can prove that prison life is a danger to his health, he may get to serve out the rest of his sentence at home. Does this mean Conrad Murray will be under house arrest and have to wear one of those electronic bracelets or an anklet?

One also wonders how safe will Conrad Murray be when he is eventually released. There are many angry fans out there. Murray's legal team have complained from day one about the fact that Murray is in a single cell and is only allowed out for one hour a day. What they don't say is that this has been for Murray's own protection. It is common knowledge that these days in prison, certain prisoners are separated from each other. Since the day he was locked up he has been appealing his conviction, however if memory serves he did admit in open court to administering a dose of the drug Propofol to Michael Jackson on the day that he died. There's no getting away from the fact that by making this admission that he basically accepted that he was responsible for Michael Jackson's death. 


If Conrad Murray's health is suffering, then he needs the best medical care available that the correctional system in Los Angeles can provide, however I'm not sure that health issues are grounds for release. As long as he is getting the care necessary for his relevant medical condition then an argument for illness is not a reason to be released. However if a plan is in place to release Conrad Murray in the next 12 months, then perhaps an argument can be made for him to finish out his sentence under house arrest. The irritating thing about this case, is the fact that Conrad Murray was convicted of manslaughter and admitted to administering the drug that killed Michael Jackson, and he still seems to not want to take responsibility. I'm very sure that he is sorry, but as a huge of fan, I was devastated to learn of his death and even more shocked that his doctor was responsible given that this man was in an incredible position of trust.

Stay tuned and watch this space: Read my previous article about the case 

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Conrad Murray may be out of prison by Christmas - Herald Sun; 4 Oct 2012

Conrad Murray Appeals to have Conviction Overturned - ABCLocal; 2 Oct 2012 

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Happy Birthday John Lennon, 09 Oct 1940 - 08 December 1980

Partying All Over the World; Fans Remember John Lennon

Had John Lennon lived, he would be seventy-two today. It's really hard to fathom that it has been almost thirty-two years since he was shot and killed on a New York street outside his home. 

This year, as is the case every year; celebrations will occur all around the world as fans remember the legend that was: John Lennon. The following events are below: 

Friday October 5th-9th, SoHo, NYC: The Artwork of John Lennon in New York: An exhibition featuring Lennon’s work, called “Gimme Some Truth: The Artwork of John Lennon” will be presented by his widow (and visual artist) Yoko Ono in collaboration with Bag One Arts and Legacy Fine Art and Productions. The show will feature 100 of Lennon’s drawings and sketches, which he created using sumi ink, an Oriental technique. The artwork spans 16 years of Lennon’s life, from 1964 to 1980.Marking the late Lennon’s 72nd birthday, the exhibit will be on display this Friday (October 5th) through October 9th at 130 Prince Street in SoHo, NYC. 

Tuesday, October 9, 6-8pm, Hollywood, California, John Lennon birthday celebration: Peace activist Jerry Rubin (not that Jerry Rubin!) wrote to say, “Please let everyone know about the John Lennon and George Harrison Upcoming Birthday Celebration and Memorial Remembrance Events in front of the Capitol Records Tower Building at the John Lennon and George Harrison Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars, located at 1750 N. Vine Street in Hollywood.”

Tuesday, October 9, 7pm-close, Monroe, Louisiana, John Lennon Birthday Bash: Enochs Irish Pub will host the longest running tribute to Lennon, the 33rd annual John Lennon Birthday Bash, raising a glass and Irish toast to their beloved Irish son. The Lonely Peppers will perform. Jude Southerland Kessler (author of the John Lennon Series will be on hand with a huge birthday cake. (Read full story here.)

Also tune in to Beatles-a-rama!!! internet radio station to hear Jude's very first John Lennon Hour, Sunday October 6: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, and 5pm PST.

Tuesday, October 9, all day, New York City, Strawberry Fields- Each year fans gather at the Imagine Mosaic in Strawberry Fields, Central Park to leave flowers and sing.

Wednesday, October 10, 7:30, Birds of Paradox, NYC: Musician Jeff Slate and his band Birds of Paradox are paying homage to John with a CD release party October 10th at Joe’s Pub in New York City. They will perform songs from the new CD as well as some Lennon favorites. (Read full article here)

Friday, 12 October, 8pm, London, EnglandThe Quarrymen, John's first band, are getting back together for a rare performance in London. Rod Davis, spokesman for the group, wrote us to say, “Please pass on the news that the Quarrymen are playing a rare gig in London (our first since 2006!) on Fri 12 October at The Castle in Finchley Road.” Len Garry, Colin Hanton, John Duff Lowe and Rod Davis, all original members of the band, will be playing. Also, guest bassist Frank Cairns will be joining them. Click here for info on ticket purchase, click here for the The CastleRocks website.

Source: The Examiner - John Lennon Celebrations

Yesterday the new book; The John Lennon Letters was released. The book was edited by noted Beatles' author Hunter Davies and was sanctioned by Yoko Ono. It contains letters sent by Lennon to lovers, friends, family and fans from every point in his life. Over three hundred letters and postcards are included and contain rants to and against the press, Yoko bashers, George Martin, Paul and Linda McCartney.

Sounds like an interesting read; as it is widely known that John Lennon was somewhat misunderstood and could do and say extremely controversial things and this in turn has created a lot of fascination among fans and people who knew him.

In any case today John Lennon would have been 72, and remains the legend that he was all those years ago. At 40 years of ago, he produced some of his best music when the album Double Fantasy was made. He was shot not long after putting the finishing touches on this amazing album, and what boggles the mind is how much more amazing music would Lennon have created if he were alive today.

Happy Birthday John Lennon.

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