Saturday, 20 October 2012

Find True Love - Get The Partner Of Your Dreams

If I could show you a sure fire way to catch the men of your dreams and keep him, would you take it? Would you take the challenge? Heck! I know I would, and I did. I followed certain strategies in books I found on the net quite by accident and here I am, engaged to be married. 

What happened in a nutshell is this. I followed certain rules, rules that I learnt from these books. I am not talking about the old fashioned rules either. Recently author, Amy Waterman wrote an article telling all women to ditch the rules and Amy is one hundred percent right. The rules that Amy was talking about are "The Rules" series of books, written by two women some years ago, these women are happily married and aren't struggling with the dating scene, so I don't see a lot of credence in what they write.

Basically girls, it is like this. I focused on myself and less on the men I was dating. My life was about me, myself and I. My career, my daughter, my writing and my interests and passions. This is what all women should be doing and even when you get the guy. Keep doing it and he will be attracted and crazy about you forever. This is my secret to my successful relationship, but that’s not the only secret I have to share.

Much more information, do's and don'ts, and mistakes we make with men are here in this E-Book, which there is also a link to below.One mistake I made constantly was call my boyfriends all the time, believe me when I tell you, they hate it. Let them chase you. Let the man have the absolute pleasure of playing the cat and mouse game that we hate so much and they love. It turns them on and you will turn them on if you allow this game to play itself out. Don't rob your man of this pleasure, it will work in your favour.

Another mistake I made was to go over to their houses late at night for what I call the booty call, or letting them come to me late at night. Never, ever let this happen, tell them you are busy. You are not someone’s second or third choice. You should be first and foremost in their mind.

So after reading this short essay, will you take the challenge? If you are interested in learning more please visit the following link and find out how you can be irresistible to men.

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