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Person Of Interest: Contingency, Season 2 Premiere - Postmortem Opinion

John's Frantic Search for Harold

A brand new Season of Person of Interest returns to the Nine Network with yet another cliff-hanger. Harold Finch, genius and creator/programmer of the famous machine is missing, abducted by Root; a master computer hacker who  fooled John and Harold into believing she was a damsel in distress with a price on her head. This woman wants information on how to access the machine; and she intends to get this intell by any means possible. Harold is in big trouble.

John is determined to find Harold and his hope is that the machine will help him. It is not long before the machine issues John with another number, and John must decode the social security number from the code that is delivered to John via a pay phone. He is certain that this must be a lead to where Root has taken Harold Finch. To his dismay and annoyance; the number is that of another person in need. This new POI is not connected to Harold and John or Root in any way. This is also a message to John that Harold's contingency is for John to continue on with his work. John deciphers that the machine will not help him find Harold.

John negotiates with the machine

John's most recent POI is a financial expert who has stolen millions from a drug cartel, and now this cartel want their money. John is not happy about having to rescue this guy, however he has no choice but to protect his latest POI, pain in the ass or not. John knew from previous conversations with Harold that he would be expected to carry on with the numbers if something happened to Harold. 

John's annoying new Person of Interest

In the meantime Root is using every trick up her sleeve to convince Harold to help her access the machine. Root obviously knows or suspects that Harold would never give her the answers she so desperately wants, even if she resorted to extreme measures to make him talk. So Root uses a contingency plan of her own. She arranges for another person to come to the house where she is holding Harold; a man by the name of Weeks, who at one time tried to hack the machine. Root most likely knows this, and figures that Weeks will break more easily than Harold, given Harold built the machine and will protect it at any cost.

It is also revealed that Harold programmed the machine not to help him if he was in trouble. After an incident when we went back in time and the machine warned Harold not to walk out onto a crossing was when Harold realised that he needed to program it not to look out for him. However that does not mean that John and Carter (who is helping John to find Finch) cannot use it to find people connected to Root or Finch. John finds information and a photo of a girl who disappeared at 14 years of age; and John is sure this is Root. So they are off to a small town in Texas to try to find Harold. 

A great episode and fantastic to have Person of Interest back on our screens. I absolutely love the dog, Bear; John's new addition to the team. And we are left wondering until the next episode: where is Harold and what will Root do to him? What does Root want with the machine, and what does she mean "set it free?" Hopefully some of those answers will be forth-coming next week when we find out what Carter and John find in Texas.

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