Saturday, 20 October 2012

Online Dating; Telling Lies On Your Profile

We have all heard of this before. You meet someone in person for the first time and it’s obvious they have lied in their dating site profile. They have blatantly lied! Not subtle exaggeration. I am referring to people who are obvious liars. People lie about their age, their weight or the amount of grey in their hair.

The puzzling thing is why people who are dating online do this? It is obvious once they meet their prospective date in person that they will be found out. Their prospective date will know the instant they lay eyes each other. People are not as stupid as one might think. Yet this is how they will feel once they are aware that their date has lied. Not to mention angry, betrayed and uncomfortable during the entire date. Not a great start to what could be a budding friendship or relationship.

When people start dating online they are on their guard to start out with. They are cautious about where they meet people and whom they choose to meet. The last thing a prospective date wants is to meet a person who has lied to them. They will not be asking for a second date. Many people would turn around and go home. It’s really not worth it. Lying will not help to be a success in the dating game. This lapse in judgement will destroy the trust and honesty before this couple start the process of getting to know each other.

So the bottom line here is; don’t do it. Tell the truth, be a genuine person and meet people who like you for who you are. If you are not comfortable with who you are; you need to work on that. Happiness and contentment comes from inside of you. Do not expect another person to give you these things. You need to work on this yourself.

Do not lie on your online profile; be honest about age, appearance, weight and all other information you put out there. In saying this; there is a lot to be said about having some mystery about you. Don’t be too quick to reveal all about yourself or you may scare off your prospective date. But that’s for another time.

Have you ever lied to a prospective date before you’ve met face to face? Tell me about it in the comments or connect via Facebook or Twitter.

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