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Person Of Interest Season 2 - 2 Bad Code - Review

The second episode of Person of Interest; Season 2 went to air in Australia on Monday night; John and Harold were re-united. 

After travelling all the way across the country to Texas; John and Detective Carter finally piece together the mystery that is Root. John is certain that Root is or was Hannah a 14 year old girl who disappeared over 20 years ago from a  town called Bishop; and was never seen again. It looks as though this may be the case until her body is dug up in someone's backyard. Turn's out, the library assistant's husband murdered this young girl and someone else assumed her identity for the next two years. Who and why is a mystery until we get to the end of the episode. Turns out Root had a bank account in this girls name and claimed some kind of reward for helping solve a crime.

The man who abducted this 14 year old girl was murdered a few years later; however this happened because Root made it look as though he had stolen money from drug dealers. She obviously knew or strongly suspected that this man had murdered her friend. Root turns out to be a blonde, and her real name is Samantha Groves. She was also the one who called 911 to report seeing Hannah get into the car on the night she vanished.

Missing, Hannah; is she Root's real identity

Every year on the date that this young girl disappeared, a copy of her favourite book was sent to the librarian. Not wanting to believe her husband was responsible for the kidnapping; she hid the books. John finds a receipt in the most recent book and traces where it was bought, and the credit card number. Seems as though Harold did teach John some computer hacking skills before disappearing.  John tracks the book to a store in Seattle, and then traces the credit card; it isn't long before Root uses the card and John realises they are in Relton, Maryland.

Meanwhile Detective Fusco is following Hersh, the special council's inside guy who was sent to tamper with Alicia Corwin's murder. Fusco jacks his phone and manages to get the address where he thinks Root is hiding out. He passes this information to John who goes to the house. He finds Week's body and Harold's cufflink and a code that Harold entered into the phone while Root was dealing with Weeks. John decodes the message and deduces that they are at the train station. 

John arrives at the train station and immediately spots Root. Root has a gun pointed towards a station staff member, when Harold jumps out of the wheelchair and pushes her to the ground, she gets up and runs out of there, while John races over to Harold. Harold complains that John was not meant to save him. 

They return to the library and Harold meets Bear. Bear has one of Harold's rare first editions in his mouth. John apologizes that he can't have Bear at his apartment. Harold tells John that he owes him a debt, John is about to say something when his phone rings. It is Root; who thanks John for solving the Hannah case and giving her friend a decent burial. She also tells John she will be coming for Harold when the time is right, John warns her to steer clear or she will be sorry. Root is undeterred and replies "We'll see." Root watches as the special council's men take away Denton Week's body. 

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