Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Michael Jackson's Doctor; Conrad Murray Seeks Another Appeal

Conrad Murray Could Be Released As Early As Christmas

The man convicted of involuntary manslaughter and who was complicit in the death of superstar Michael Jackson is seeking to released again. Dr Conrad Murray who has since had his medical licence revoked is claiming that being locked is affecting his health in a negative way. His legal team are working on an appeal to overturn his conviction, based on evidence that previously not allowed at trial.

Due to overcrowding of prisons in the United States; it was estimated that Conrad Murray would be out in two years anyway, however if his defence can prove that prison life is a danger to his health, he may get to serve out the rest of his sentence at home. Does this mean Conrad Murray will be under house arrest and have to wear one of those electronic bracelets or an anklet?

One also wonders how safe will Conrad Murray be when he is eventually released. There are many angry fans out there. Murray's legal team have complained from day one about the fact that Murray is in a single cell and is only allowed out for one hour a day. What they don't say is that this has been for Murray's own protection. It is common knowledge that these days in prison, certain prisoners are separated from each other. Since the day he was locked up he has been appealing his conviction, however if memory serves he did admit in open court to administering a dose of the drug Propofol to Michael Jackson on the day that he died. There's no getting away from the fact that by making this admission that he basically accepted that he was responsible for Michael Jackson's death. 


If Conrad Murray's health is suffering, then he needs the best medical care available that the correctional system in Los Angeles can provide, however I'm not sure that health issues are grounds for release. As long as he is getting the care necessary for his relevant medical condition then an argument for illness is not a reason to be released. However if a plan is in place to release Conrad Murray in the next 12 months, then perhaps an argument can be made for him to finish out his sentence under house arrest. The irritating thing about this case, is the fact that Conrad Murray was convicted of manslaughter and admitted to administering the drug that killed Michael Jackson, and he still seems to not want to take responsibility. I'm very sure that he is sorry, but as a huge of fan, I was devastated to learn of his death and even more shocked that his doctor was responsible given that this man was in an incredible position of trust.

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