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Negative Feedback And Bullies On The Internet

Teenagers and Young People are Often Bullied Online

Do you encounter this on your blog or website? People leaving negative comments or even nasty comments for no good reason? I have to say, that I never have and I am guessing that makes me the lucky one. I have had many writers, bloggers and people from all over the net that it has happened to them.

Sometimes negative comments or criticism can be left alone as it is a good thing to see a contrast of opinions from people, but when it comes to the nasty, bullying and threatening types of comments I hear about, then it's time to use that blocking mechanism many sites are famous for.

There are also times when someone might misunderstand something you have written, this happened to me recently on Twitter and once I set the person straight as to where my head was at, it was all good.

Cyber-bullying is becoming a big problem, especially with the younger crowd of Internet users and social networks. Sometime kids can be very cruel and they have no idea of the angst their bullying can cause someone. There have been shocking stories of young people committing suicide over being bullies either online or offline, like perhaps at school.

If it happens to you, block the person immediately and do not engage with them. That is really the only way to protect yourself from allowing their nasty comments to get to you. 

When a young person becomes the victim of a bully, it really hurts them. These kids are at an age where emotions run high and teenagers especially, are very concerned with how others see them and what kind of reputation they have. The only way to  fight back is to not fight back, block the person and move on. Try not to let it get to you. Treat cyber-bullies as if they do not exist, ignore them. If you don't react then they cannot get to you. If a cyber-bully gets a reaction, then they will keep going.

So, tell me; have you ever been the victim of cyber-bullies and what did you do in response? Hit the comments and let me know.

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