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Bring More Targeted Traffic To Your Blog

Do you own a blog? Is it for your business or is it a labor of love? It really doesn’t matter what reason you have for blogging, you want readers and subscribers. Most of us start blogging because we love to write about our favorite topics, but then you realize that it could bring in extra income and also bring you writing clients, which is exactly why I started my blog.

Blogs and maintaining them are time-consuming, so you need to have patience and the time to put the work in, because if you don’t focus on quality content; Google will not like your site and it will not rank well. So what can you do to bring more traffic to your blog, preferably visitors that are interested in what you have to say? There are so many ways and it’s not brain surgery to learn this.

Your blog showcases you and your business, but beware of talking too much about yourself. Blogs where people rave on too much about their lives or achievement start to get boring for the reader. The reader wants information he or she can use. Focus your posts on feeding information to your readers.

Try out some of the strategies below to help get more traffic:

Share Valuable Comments on Your Favorite Blogger’s Site

Most blogs have an option where you can share your website in the comments section. So if you have a favorite blogger in your niche who you are subscribed to, visit their blog often and leave meaningful comments about their posts. Do not just write stuff like: “Great Post” or “Thanks for Sharing” This is annoying to other readers and the blog owner. Some blogs also have back-tracks which will show the last post you made on your blog. This is an absolutely great marketing tool.

Short Posts Work Best

Keep your posts short and to the point. Four hundred to six hundred words is plenty, even less if you can. People surfing the Internet have a short attention span. In-fact experts will tell you that you have three seconds to grab their attention or they are lost to you.

Content is King

Every blog owner will tell you this; content is king and you must keep your blog fresh with new, original content. People will click away if what they see are old posts. In-fact they are likely to not return as they will think that the blog is inactive.

Use Social Networks to Promote Your Posts

Social networks are brilliant for promotion of your blog. What did we do before Facebook? I was not blogging then and have always used Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a few others. Pinterest is also gaining popularity and so is Linkedin.

Tag other Bloggers when you Comment on their Posts

Tag other bloggers on Twitter or Facebook when you make comments about their blog or a post they have shared. Mentioning people in your niche on Twitter especially just might result in targeted followers and this is what you aim is if you use Twitter to promote.

Inject Humor or Controversy into Your Posts

Writing humorous or controversial posts is very handy to encourage visitors. Some of us find it difficult to be funny, but just give it a try or write about a really controversial subject that people will want to read. Many readers will click on your site just to see what everyone is talking about.

Try to get a Link Exchange with Popular bloggers

Write to the owner of a popular blog in your niche and request a link exchange. You could offer to write a guest post for free, so that you can include a byline that links to your blog. Some bloggers will like the idea and some may not, but give it a try. The best way to do this is study their blog and find a topic that has not been covered and send them a pitch to write the blog post in exchange for a byline.

Try to Spend Time Interacting on Twitter or Facebook

Engaging with people in your niche can bring you more followers and traffic. Make sure when you comment that you tag them or they may not see the tweet. Also retweet peoples tweets that are a part of your niche and they may return the favor. This brings more traffic your way.

The advice given here is really the tip of the iceberg in getting targeted traffic to your blog. You can try submitting your site to search engines and blogging about your service or product in forums and groups that allow this. Remember that the most important thing is to help people and provide great quality content. Google will love you for it. Some of the ideas above have helped the popular blogger to get tens of thousands of visitors per months and then some.

Written by Janelle Coulton – Janelle Coulton is a freelance writer for many online sites around the net and is also a serious blogger. Find her at JelWritesFreelanceWriter or GreysAnatomyAddicts

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