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Person Of Interest; Triggerman, Season 2 - 4 Review

Is the latest Person of Interest POI; 'Bad Code' as Harold dubs him or should he be saved?

The fourth episode in an already terrific and intriguing series 'Triggerman' was yet another dramatic day or two in John Reese and Harold Finch's lives. Their latest 'person of interest' is someone that Harold is not sure John should protect or help, given that this guy works in organised crime. This episode did not show us very much of back story this week. We got no more information on what's up with this 'Special Council' or Agent Snow from the CIA, or anymore about Root and the murder of Alicia Corwin. I've only watched the episode once and perhaps I should watch again to see if I missed any vital clues, however Harold did call their latest POI "Bad Code" which puzzled John and told the viewer that we are very likely to see Root again soon. She is certainly foremost in Harold's thoughts'.

Riley is sent to kill a woman named Annie only Riley ends up killing his accomplice who is none other than a crime bosses son. It was either kill his accomplice or be murdered himself. It turns out that Riley is having an affair with this Annie; and his boss knew about it. He and Annie are trying to get out of New York, only Riley and Annie have a million dollar bounty on their heads and Riley is trying to get Annie out of harms way. When John manages to trace them to the railway station, he gets there too late to rescue Annie who is taken by one of the bounty hunters. John follows Riley and after a bit of a punch up (see above) they talk and John agrees to help Riley.

Riley leads John to a disused night club where his boss has taken Annie and plans to dispose of her there. They get through the door by John pretending that he has captured Riley and is delivering him to their boss. However once inside, Riley approaches his boss with a gun telling him to let Annie go. The bounty hunter that took Annie in the first place comes over and says to the boss, "He can't shoot us both" We then hear John chime in with "But I can." A shootout ensues and just when most of the gang have been taken out, Riley orders John to get Annie out of there. Annie refuses to go anywhere without Riley, but Riley insists he will be right there; John gets her to Harold who is waiting in a car, and they drive off. Before John can get back inside Riley shoots his boss, who shoots back at him and misses. The bounty hunter, who is still there shoots Riley dead and is gone. John finds his body. 

Riley and Annie

Later on John meets up with Harold and Annie at the train station and he gives Annie the train ticket to New Mexico. She is upset because it is only one ticket not two, and puts together what happened. John tells her that he said she was the best thing that ever happened to him and tells her good luck. As John and Finch are leaving the station, John asks finch what he meant by 'Bad Code,' Harold explains that it is a term applied to machinery, not humans as humans have the power to change and grow.

Me thinks Harold has found a new friend in Bear

A good episode, but I am really craving some more back story and more of the questions that need to be answered. 

The last person I would have expected they'd go to for help

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