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Person of Interest; Masquerade, Season 2 - 3 Review

It's Back to Business for Finch and Reese

Reese is looking through some files in an attempt to track down Root, when Finch arrives at the library. Reese quickly puts the files aside and tells Finch that they have a new number. Finch glances at the information on Root; possibly wondering if Reese has a lead, but decides to let it go and focus on their new Person of Interest (POI). 

The new POI and her useless bodyguard

Reese sets off to find his new POI and in doing so sets up her bodyguard to get caught for shop-lifting; knowing full well that the man would be fired. Not Reese's problem when someone's life may be in danger. He manages to get himself hired as Sofia's new body guard. Sofia is the Prime Minister of Brazil's daughter and this young lady is a handful. She is no match for Reese and Finch and their methods of surveillance and tracking people down. What was interesting in this week's episode was Finch; it would seem that the ordeal with Root has affected him a lot more than he realizes. Finch looks to be suffering from some kind of panic disorder that is affecting his ability to do certain things. More about that in a moment.

Finch attempts to meet Reese at the park

It look as though Sofia has unwillingly and unknowingly gotten herself mixed up with some kind of mafia gang. Jack, her boyfriend who she is seeing behind her father's back is in it up to his neck. When Sofia's best friend turns up dead in the city morgue, things start to fall into place. Paul; another man who was in the penthouse the night Sofia visited there is mysteriously murdered. Sofia shows Reese the video footage of Paul going over the balcony. Detective Carter discovers a type of marking on his body which is how they link him and the others to a group called the 14th Street Mafia. Later on they go to a night club in the hope that Sofia's friend Gaby will meet them as planned, even though Sofia had not been able to get in touch with her by phone. As they are wandering around looking for Gaby in the crowd, a group of men start shooting at them, Reese pushes Sofia out of the way and tackles the men, he manages to get Sofia to safety. It is not long after this that Carter calls telling Reese she traced Gaby's phone to the morgue.

Sofia is very upset and blames herself for Gaby's murder. But Reese tells her it's not her fault. She tells Reese she does not want to go to the consulate and play hostess and wants to help find Gaby's killer. Reese says no, and contacts Finch to come and keep an eye on Gaby. He takes Gaby to the park to wait for Finch. Finch decides to take Bear for a walk, he grabs the leash and some treats and walks out the door. He gets halfway across a pedestrian crossing when he suddenly stops walking, and stands frozen in the middle of the road. Cars are honking and people are yelling abuse. He suddenly snaps out of it and runs back to the library, panting loudly. He calls Reese and tells him he can't make it. Reese says that's okay, he'll get Fusco on it.

The reality of his recent abduction hit Harold hard

Fusco arrives and Reese tells him not to let Sofia out of his sight. While Sofia and Fusco head to the consulate; Reese goes after Gaby's killer with Detective Carter. After finding some of the gang in a bar, Reese goes in to talk with them and ends having to take them all out. Carter states the obvious to Reese, that they are all out cold and now how are we meant to get information. In the meantime Fusco and Sofia are at the consulate and Sofia asks Fusco to give her a moment alone. He takes her to a private room and closes the door, leaving her essentially out of his sight. Bad move, because she sneaks out again to meet Jack who has been sent to kill her, because she is a loose end. Fusco manages to get there in time, however Jack gets away. Not for long, because Reese and Sofia track him back to the penthouse, and Reese dangles him over the balcony. He pleads that none of this was his idea, however Reese hands him over to Fusco, and he is arrested.

Meanwhile the investigation of Alicia Corwin's murder is still on-going. Carter goes down to inspect the body and notices a cut on Alicia's arm. The medical examiner tells her it was made after the autopsy was done. It is revealed by someone working for the Special Council (these are the people responsible for keeping the machine a secret; and they have orders to take out anyone who threatens the machine) that Alicia was carrying some kind of memory card underneath her skin and it had been cut out after the autopsy. Agent Snow is also there investigating Corwin's death, and Detective Carter runs into him at the morgue. He tells her he is not chasing John Reese anymore, which surprises Carter, and he is also walking with a very awkward limp. Later on when Carter tries to call Agent Snow, someone else answers his cell phone. This person insists on knowing when Carter had contact with Snow. Carter asks who she is speaking with, and they tell her they will be in touch. Not long after this a female CIA agent shows up at the precinct asking questions about Snow. Carter tells the woman that she needs to take care of her own business, Carter is suspicious of their questions and reminds the agent that one of hers turned up dead five weeks ago. 

Agent Snow, has been chasing John Reese for a while now, well not anymore

John's partner; Stanton from the CIA turns up again, and it appears she has Agent Snow working for her. They meet in a basement of some kind. Snow swears he does not know who ordered them to go to China, however she's obviously not buying it as she reveals the explosive vest strapped to Snow's upper torso. One writer speculated in a review of Season 1's; "Matsaya Nyaya" that Stanton could be Root; I thought the same at one stage too. Until it was revealed in the finale, that they were two separate women. These two women are double trouble and it would not surprise me if she and Root are somehow connected, now we know they are not the same person. Root is definitely not their only problem, this ex-partner of John's is trouble, not to mention the Special Council. Do Reese and Stanton know they both had orders to kill the other? Snow gave those orders; so I think his time is limited, unless Reese can save him. But why would he? Snow tried to kill him twice already. We still don't really know what Root is after when she told Harold she wanted access to the machine, there is still a lot of mystery going on. What is on the memory card that was inside Alicia Corwin arm? Do the Special Council know what Finch and Reese are up to? All these questions to be answered. I cannot wait for the next episode.

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