Saturday, 3 January 2015

I’m Done

A recent post on Bubblews
I won’t be back here to write again. Too much stuff has gone wrong here, it always seems to be bad news. Bubblews was a good platform for me to improve my writing, however it’s now time to move on.

The recent news regarding payments that people won’t be receiving is mind-boggling to say the least. As one poster put it earlier, why not share all the revenue equally with everyone. Whatever, I just don’t care anymore and I haven’t for some time now as I have moved on to greener pastures where I am making decent money.

I have deleted all of my articles all bar one, and this one that I write now to say goodbye. I will keep up with everyone on Facebook and be back here to read from time to time. There’s enough in my bank to redeem, my bank was not touched, but now all my articles are gone, I guess they will make some kind of deduction. Most of the money there was residual income anyway.

For everyone’s sake who are still hanging in and sticking with writing here, good luck and I really hope that things turn around. But I am doubtful, the recent announcement regarding redemptions on New Years Eve put paid to that. Now that it is confirmed that many people who were waiting for missed payments will not be receiving them, the s**t’s really going to hit the fan. Keep your eyes glued to the social networks over the coming days or weeks.

I almost feel sorry for the management, almost, as they are young and made terrible mistakes, but I saw the end coming long before they did. I feel even worse about the writers here and more so the ones who are staying. I respect your choice, but it’s just crazy. There are some really talented writers here and many have abandoned ship and that's not good for the site. But; who can blame them. I did the same thing well over a year ago.

So goodbye all, it was fun while it lasted, I will check in, but if you want to you can find me on Facebook and Twitter:

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