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Review Sites That Pay For Written Reviews

The following article is a short list of the most popular and the best review sites that actually pay writers money to their Paypal accounts for writing and sharing reviews. Some of these sites are much like affiliate selling, particularly Favourite Thingz at the end of this article, you choose your favourite products on the site and if a customer makes a purchase you get part of the sale.
Epinions is probably the most popular and has been around the longest. Review Stream and Shared Review are newer or so I am assuming as I only discovered them a little while ago. Favourite Thingz is a new site, as far as I know as I have never heard of this one until I did some research for this article. Have a look at the short descriptions below:
Get $10 for every 10 reviews you write, this is truly an easy site to write for. You write a comprehensive review, say around 400 words and you share in the revenue. If you are really good at reviews then it can work out to about one dollar per review.

Review Stream
This site is the only place on the Internet you can earn some cash just for writing the reviews! You are able to write a review about any topic you like, it could be anything, you best friends new fishing tackle box or your uncle's cat. Write about hotels you have stayed at or stores you have shopped in. Make it around 300 to 400 words and you could do well at this site. This site will pay you for every review.

Shared Reviews
This is a community site that empowers people to connect with others and share in the profits. Many website owners are understanding more and more that we writers don't need to write for free and quality content is worth paying for. Help generate profits at Shared Reviews and get paid for it.

Favourite Thingz
All that one needs to do here is choose favourite things on the site, when somebody purchases one of your favourite thingz, you earn from the sale. It kind of reminds me a little of affiliate selling but with a difference. I cannot seem to find a link for this site, so perhaps they are not in operation at present. I will get back to everyone on what I find out regarding this site.
So I have saved the best till last, as I love music and I adore this site. There is a trick to this site that someone on Teckler shared with me tonight. If you are a fast typist you can do quite well here. You will listen to a song, while you are listening, write what comes into you head. Do not censor your thoughts or typing, plenty of time to edit later; just write. You need to write a decent review of the song, about 150 – 200 words, and if you love music and you can type at around 80 words per minute, this should not take you long to write several music reviews per day. I am not sure what one review pays as I have only just signed up there; however I highly recommend this site and so do many other people out there earning online.
Personally folks, I would sign up for all of them and work slowly for a while until you start to build a reputation on the site. I love them because I love to write reviews, in-fact most of my private clients ask me to write reviews, so it's something I have become quite good at.
It doesn't hurt to sign up and try them all out and if you are not happy with one of two of these sites, then close your account; but I am sure if you like to write reviews then you will enjoy these sites.
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