Thursday, 20 March 2014

Malaysian Plane Tragedy – Family Members Insist That Their Loved One's Phones' Ring

Is This A Reason For Families to Hope for the Best?

According to many news services; the family members of the passengers aboard Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 have been calling the mobile phone numbers of their missing relatives and have been getting a ringing signal.

A Chinese gentleman went on TV in China, called his relative and showed the TV crew that the phone was ringing. It was also reported in one of the articles below that Malaysian officials called the flight crews mobile phones and they rang as well. Many people were speculating that these reports were just cruel jokes and not at all true. However this has not been proved and Malaysian officials obviously do not think that they can track the phones, or the relatives and loved ones would have been told this was happening.

Last week USA Today and International Business Times in Australia have reported that loved ones have been imploring officials to track these mobile phone signals in order to find the plane and hopefully rescue their loved ones.

Phone providers have said that the ringing signal could be because the phone is searching for a network. However, it was pretty obvious they were not sure.

Today the Australian Maritime Safety Authority reported a satellite spotted debris in the Indian Ocean, about two and a half thousand kilometers from Perth, Western Australia. Perhaps it would have been better to examine this debris before alerting the press. The families of the passengers aboard this flight really need to hear news that tells them something. It would have been a lot better to wait until they had confirmed whether this debris is from the missing aircraft.

On the weekend the news services reported that they believed the plane had been hijacked and searches of the pilots residences' were carried out, as it was discovered the their communication equipment aboard the plane had been tampered with and disabled deliberately. However, even after this was discovered the Malaysian officials would still not confirm the plane had been hijacked. This has made the families lose faith in what they are being told, they are sick and tired of the trickle of useless information they are receiving, to the point where there was a confrontation with Malaysian officials when some of the family members tried to talk to members of the press.

When all is said and done, this is an awful tragedy and I really hope they get some answers soon. I guess all anyone can do at this point is wait, hope and pray. I am also hoping that this telco provider official was wrong and the loved ones who did call their family members phones did actually connect, because that would mean the plane is not in the ocean. However, this cannot be proved.

It is a complete mystery. Who goes to the trouble of hijacking a plane to simply crash into the sea? Why did they change course and go in a completely different direction. The simple fact that the plane headed west surely must mean that whoever was at the controls had a plan to land the plane somewhere. Terrorist's sometimes carry out suicide missions, and this could be what happened, but it just seems really stupid to go to the trouble of turning off all communication systems and changing course. If they were planning to crash the plane either into the sea or on land somewhere, why go to all the trouble of trying to remain invisible.

Perhaps it is wishful thinking on my part because I want a happy ending for the families who must be out of their minds with grief and I simply do not the like the thought of two hundred and thirty nine people dying for no good reason. So tonight I will be praying that this debris is not that of the Malaysian airliner, because if it is then that means the passengers and crew on this flight have died.

Hopefully we will have some news sometime tomorrow. The weather in the location they were searching was not good today and a Navy ship is on it's way to meet the aircraft, and this will take a few days. However if the weather improves tomorrow, perhaps the pilots in the RAAF planes who should already be at the location might be able to get close enough to identify the debris. In the meantime the waiting, the questions and the speculation continues.


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