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Michael Jackson’s Death: Medically Prescribed Drugs

In June 2009; the world lost a super star, a legend and Michael Jackson was gone way too soon. He is yet another victim of the danger of medically prescribed drugs.

We all believe when our doctor gives us a prescription that the medicine will fix our problem and that it is safe. The list of stars that have died at the hands of prescription drugs is too long and frankly it is scary. In this day and age we should know better; prescription medication addiction is rampant; it out does Alcohol, Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and most other street drugs.

Michael Jackson is joined by Heath Ledger, Elvis, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Marilyn Monroe and there are many more. Michael Jackson was killed by medication that he took for pain, insomnia and stress. The doctor who injected one of the medications Jackson took is now in jail serving a four year sentence for his crime. Conrad Murray was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in 2011 and is now awaiting an appeal decision.

Jackson Trusted Conrad Murray

Michael Jackson trusted his doctor to do the right thing by him, and the right thing should have been to refer Jackson to treatment for his drug use, and refuse to administer certain drugs. He could not betray his patient’s confidence, but he could have put him on a psych hold, there were definitely grounds for this, given his testimony in court in 2011. Why he was injecting Jackson with a cocktail of drugs that he knowingly knew were dangerous is beyond my understanding or any other person who loved Michael Jackson. Doctors who prescribe these medications should be monitoring their use; and if there are alarm bells, someone needs to step up and try to help the person. No medication is safe; especially if it is abused. Every medication has some kind of side effect.

Simply put, drugs that act as a pain killers designed to treat chronic pain are depressants. Patients are sometime given an anti-anxiety drug with pain killers or an anti depressant. Taking these drugs together can produce serious side effects. Some act as a depressant which essentially can slow down or stop a person from breathing, digesting their food, wanting to eat, clear thinking and cardiac function. Some people can lose their sex drive or their heart may even stop, which is what happened to Jackson. His heat stopped and Murray could not revive him.

Jackson’s Condition Got Worse And Worse

Are you on medication and if you are; have you noticed any of the above symptoms? See your doctor immediately, and you should be concerned. If you are not happy with your doctor’s advice; go seek a second opinion. The answer is usually not another drug. Pain Killers, anti-anxiety and anti-depressants usually hide their damaging effects and sometimes a person can be really ill before it is realised what is wrong. This is what I believe happened to Michael Jackson over the years and his damage just got worse and worse until it killed him. So if you feel unwell, do not ignore it.

Do I think he contributed to his death? Yes, of course he did; however his doctor should have taken better care of his patient, Jackson should have been able to trust Conrad Murray. We don’t know what damage had already been done to his body before he died, and I doubt that the medical examiner was able to determine this. I don’t remember anything being said in the news, just that there were certain drugs in his system.

Some Drugs Are Lethal

Mixing two drugs together can produce unwanted or accelerated affects; like mixing your anti-depressant with alcohol; never a good idea. The fact here is, the more drugs you take, the better your chances of winding up in hospital or dead. You would do well to question you doctor about interactions of medications and if you don’t get a satisfactory answer, see another physician. Sometimes certain side effect are harmless, some patients will report side effects when they start a new medication. Once they have been on it for a while, the side effects disappear.

Painkillers, anti-anxiety or anti-depressants do not heal the body in any way. They will not repair what is broken; only stop pain, calm you down, and work on your brain to produce serotonin. Pain killers especially strong pain killers stop the person from perceiving the actual condition of their body or mind. This is denial on a very dangerous scale. When you know something is dangerous; denying that there may be a problem is akin to suicide; well it was in Jackson’s case. Denial of his situation led to his kids become fatherless and his parents losing a child and the billions of fans losing out on their hero.

When Jackson Was Younger He Was Very Health Conscious

It surprises me every time I think about it. Michael Jackson in his younger days was a health nut, I remember reading in his biography that he did a fasting cleanse every Sunday, he was a Jehovah Witness, he did not drink alcohol, and Jehovah’s Witness’ do not like alcohol or drugs; these are a big no no. Michael Jackson had a problem, and his problem is like many other people’s who get addicted to pain pills. They take them for pain, and the addiction creeps up, before you know it you think you need them.

I curse his family and loved ones for not sticking their noses in and incurring his wrath. What were they scared of, that he would push them away. He did that sort of thing anyway. If they thought he might die from his drug use, why didn’t they put him on a psych hold or make him go to a detox centre? It just doesn’t make sense. When you love someone, you interfere, you don’t care about their wrath if you are worried they are going to kill themselves with drugs or alcohol or whatever. You do an intervention. That what should have happened, over and over again, until Jackson listened and got help.

There is help out there for pain pill addiction; get online and find a clinic today. Call your local hospital and ask for assistance. There are clinics that will detox you fast and painlessly with no side effects and then you can get on with learning to be drug free.

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