Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Write Articles Online And Earn Money

It is becoming clearer everyday to many people that it is possible to make an income from home. Forget the “get rich quick schemes” that claim to make you rich for only doing an hours work per day. When will people realise there is no such thing as a free lunch. Everyday people are being conned by these scams and it annoys me that many of these scammers get away with it. If you are willing to do the work needed, you will make money. The work needed to make an income online can seem overwhelming but once you have a routine up and running and the money coming in; it is not difficult to keep it rolling. Getting started is always the hard part.

One way to make money online is to write online articles for revenue sites and up front article payment sites. Content is King on the internet and the demand for quality content is extremely high; and most websites are looking for someone to write that content, so here’s where you the writer comes in.

There are sites that pay upfront for articles and then pay a commission on the advertising revenue it generates. There are also sites that will pay writer per page view, and if you can write a few articles per day, by the time you’ve been writing there for a month, it’s possible you will have close to one hundred articles published and these will start to generate income. The income will start out slow, and this can be frustrating, but patience is the key here so keep putting your work out there and this income will slowly build up.

The amount of money you are paid for each article, page view or ad click largely depends on the sites terms or the client that the site refers you to. While I would recommend that you join as many revenue sites as possible, look around for recommendations from other writers before signing up. You want to choose a site that has a good reputation for publishing quality content, especially if you are looking at doing this long term. Just be careful not to over extend yourself.

It does seem as though there would be a lot of writing involved, but if you love to write as I do; then this won’t be a problem for you. Do what you love to do, and try and find sites where you can write about what you love, your passion will show through in your work. If you are not a lover of the written word, then this may not be for you and you could get burnt out. Forcing yourself to constantly do something you don’t enjoy will eventually lead to procrastinating about writing which won’t earn you any money whatsoever. You may start to see the signs of an income in your Paypal account after a few months and think this might work. There is nothing like earning an income from home; and it may mean that one day you can give up your day job and work at home in your PJ’s all day. Sounds good to me.

The following list are sites that I write for and highly recommend:

Triond – This was one of first sites I joined, and a great one for beginners.

Wikinut – Another good place to start, top content and friendly community of writers

Bubblews – The highest paying article site on the net; definitely worth signing up for

Hub Pages – This site offer many ways to earn, and has an excellent reputation as a revenue sharing site

So there you have it. Five places where you can get started and begin building income and your online profile as a professional writer. The beauty of these sites are that your articles will earn money as long as you are still a member or until the site closes down. Be sure to read their terms of service before joining up, as most sites will not accept duplicate content. Always post original articles that are not currently posted elsewhere. Even if the work is yours most of these sites have strict rules about original work.

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So what are you waiting for? Get writing.

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