Thursday, 11 July 2013

Article Writing For Revenue Share

There are no two ways of looking at it, good quality content will make or break you as a writer. It’s the same thing with the website you write for; good content will make or break the site. If the site you write on does not have a strict policy on writing excellent content then you don’t really want to be writing there because when the next Google algorithm comes in, sites like this will be blacklisted, Google will rank them lower in search results.

There is a lot of speculation about what Google likes and does not like when it comes to content and sometimes I think Google like to keep this a secret. It is clear however that they will not rank any website high in quality if it does not contain good quality material for the reader. Their reputation as the number one search engine depends on it.

So when it comes to writing articles online for revenue share, chances are that revenue share is coming from Google Adsense. And if Google are not seeing profits coming from their Adwords campaigns that website owners buy into then they will likely penalize that site. As usual, with anything in business it comes down to the mighty dollar.

Always remember when you submit articles to submit your best work. Be sure to proofread it and just make sure that your article has substance, that it is entertaining, or funny or informative. If the reader is likely to get something good out of your article, then it’s very likely what Google is looking for. It’s the same for anything we do, if we don’t do it well then we will have regrets on how we could have done better. So do the best that you can in the first place.

There are many sites where you can apply for your own Google Adsense account and get your hands on some of that revenue, however in my experience many writers tend to have problems getting an Adsense account in the first place, as they are very strict these days and then low and behold, Google Adsense can cancel your account without even giving you a reason. This puts me off getting an account in the first place as I would not want to be getting good earnings via Google Adsense, only for them to just cut if off for no good reason and take my money, which has been the experience of many Google Adsense account holders.

Always keep in mind that great content will bring visitors and visitors will help you to earn revenue.

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