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What Happened to Decency?

Where did all the decent people go? What has gone so wrong in society that common decency has gone out the window? Common sense, respect for others and their feelings seems to have disappeared right along with it.

Back in the not too distant past, people had respect for each other. People actually cared about their neighbors and co-workers, friends and family. Now it seems that political correctness has destroyed peoples values and standards.

We all share different opinion in life and people’s opinions should be respected. But there should be limits to what we tolerate or find acceptable. It seems as though we are supposed to condone other’s behaviour no matter how awful or inconsiderate it is.

When did it become acceptable to tolerate words and actions that are reprehensible? Especially some actions violate the rights of others and basic human rights or laws. Why is it okay to condone bad behaviour when the person is a member of a minority group? These same deeds would not be acceptable in a mainstream society. There should always be standards of conduct and dress that should not be tampered with.

Many people will say that it is not important how one dresses or speaks to others. Apparently it what is in your heart is the only thing that should matter. This might be true, but don’t get caught up believing that how a person appears on the outside is a direct expression of who they are. What about a person who goes to church dressed up in a skimpy crop top and shorty shorts? This shows disrespect to not only God, but the church and what it stands for and other patrons who worship in that church. Go back thirty years and you will remember that attending church meant dressing in your nicest dress or your best suit.

People walk around in public dressed in skimpy clothing that show off their tattoos, and it would seem that they dress this way in defiance of people who look at them. Or perhaps it is all about gaining attention because they look different to most average people. To dress like this in church is outrageous and completely unacceptable, yet we are supposed to put up and shut up so that individual people can freely express themselves.

Another group of minority people seems to have it backwards too. When gay members march for Pride or are apart of Gay Festivals, why is it that they have to dress so inappropriately. While it’s certainly a wonderful thing that gay people get to celebrate their rights in the community, do they really need to parade around the streets in thongs and other skimpy garments. How do you explain this to your children? Straight people certainly do not do this. While most of us are very accepting of gay rights and the like, the problem is having it rammed down our throats. We have come a long way in terms of people accepting that some people have different sexual preferences and this is a good thing. And when it comes to celebrating these victories, it would be nice to see these celebrations without all the half naked people and outrageous behaviour.

Gay and Lesbian Festival -

The older generations, and baby boomers in society would be mortified to be asked about their sex lives. It is nobody’s business what a couple do in the privacy of their own bedroom. It is also no-ones business what you do in your bedroom. Keeping that part of your life private seems decent to me. We have become to free and easy as a society and it’s ruining people.

Have we become that lazy in society that we don’t care about dressing decently, so as not to offend certain people? Do people not have a positive opinion of themselves and because of this they no longer care what other’s think of them? What people think of you is important, no matter what you’ve been told, however worrying about what people think can get out of control. Have we gotten to a point where we just don’t have opinions anymore? Perhaps because we have been brainwashed by society to not care what others think and to not be judgmental, because those things are bad.

Do we not see that society is falling apart? How can we teach our children right from wrong if they are subjected to behaviour that says otherwise? Our kids will grow up without any moral high ground, no standards to live up to or solid values to hold onto. The hope is that the parents of today are onto what society teaches our kids and that parents do their best to instill decency in their children. It is clear to many of us, that society is not going to go back to the good old days anytime soon.

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